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In Topic: background change in prestashop 1.6

22 April 2015 - 10:05 AM

Hey guys thanks for all the offers for help.

Yesterday I tried to change my bootstrap background to an image. I found a YouTube video that listed the steps that you have suggested here. I downloaded FileZilla and notepad++ just as the person on the video had used I even went as far as naming the image I was trying to use image 51 so the code would be exactly how he wrote it. However I noticed when I typed the code into notepad my code did not take on the came colorings as the code the YouTube persons did, and then my changes were not made.
I think I missed a small stupid step but it's a huge detail that is inabling me from making these changes. I saw someone here say they needed to disable theme configured or something? Is that my whole issue?
Please help

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