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In Topic: modal popup on product page - how to add it to all pages?

17 February 2018 - 02:23 AM

If i can suggest you some other module - i definitely suggest "popup pro": https://mypresta.eu/...-popup-pro.html Module allows to spawn popups with buttons too and it has much more features that makes this addon more flexible. The price is the same (€19.99).

Now regarding to your question
if you want to show one the same popup on all product pages, and if you want to spawn it with button
- you can alter theme file that is responsible for product page (product.tpl) and add button there (copy-paste) the code. Button will appear on all product pages then
- you can use module like html box pro or any other custom contents module to insert contents on all product pages. Button will appear on all product pages then too

if you want to add feature to spawn popup to image
- i confirm that it is possible - just check the demo page: http://prestashop16....a.eu/popup-pro/ (close first popup) and hit on the images - you will spawn popups :)

Let me explain how to add it to the image. Let's say that you've got popup with id: 3 (like here for example: https://i.imgur.com/leyNeeM.png)

  1. If you want to spawn the popup with click on image, you need to add class="showpopuppro" to your image and title="3" (3 - because the popup we want to spawn has id 3) for example: 
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/y1y0Ayz.png" lass="showpopuppro btn btn-default" title="3">
  2. Optionally you can put image into the span, for exmaple: 
    <span class="showpopuppro btn btn-default" title="3"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/y1y0Ayz.png"></span>

In Topic: customer account activate with email ?

15 February 2018 - 09:47 PM

Hello, thank you for your answer. 


i have one more question: how does it work with your Facebook login connect and Google login connect modules ?

I guess customers who use FB or Google to create an account don't have to confirm by e-mail link, is it correct ?

And what about the buttons "Login with FB (or Google)", can we place them anywhere we want in the shop ? (for example in the checkout process, when customer is asked to create an account)

Module to activate account with email has an improvement related to "social networks" login modules from my offer.
here is the entry from module's changelog:
- added improvements related to account activation module usage with "facebook login" module form mypresta.eu offer
- now when customer will use facebook login to register an account - account activation module will not disable this account

When customer uses "facebook login" or "google login" to register an account in the shop - module to "activate account" does not require activation for these accounts. Accounts created with these modules are available immediately.

And what about the buttons "Login with FB (or Google)", can we place them anywhere we want in the shop ? (for example in the checkout process, when customer is asked to create an account)

module supports positions:

I underlined hooks that are available during checkout. So i confirm that button can appear during the login process.
+ you can use shortcode in theme files {hook h='glogin'} so with this feature you can display login button anywhere you want.

best regards,

In Topic: customer account activate with email ?

15 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

Hello, i havequestion.

I would like to buy your "account activation by email link module", but it seems to have no available translations. I want it in french so i juste want to know if i can simply translate it with the translation tool in Prestashop BO.

Module can be translated to any language you want.
To translate the module it is enough to use feature that prestashop has - it is available under "localization > translations" (ps.16) or "international > translations" (ps.17).

In Topic: Add maximum 4 quantity of product to cart

15 February 2018 - 09:29 PM

I have two modules that offers such features:

  1. maximum product quantityhttps://mypresta.eu/...t-quantity.html
    • Each product in shop can have own unique limits of "maximum" allowed quantity. 
    • You set limits on product edit page: [screenshot]
    • Limits can be defined for product and for products' combinations: [screenshot]
    • This module controls "add to cart" process of product to cart - if customer will try to add more quantity than allowed, module will spawn information: [screenshot]
  2. cart conditons prohttps://mypresta.eu/...itions-pro.html
    • This is multitool that allows to define various "purchase" conditions
    • One of the condition is "cart quantity conditions" where you can define conditions like: [screenshot]
      (i underlined features important in context of your case)
      • customer must order at least X products from defined category
      • customer can't order more than X products from defined category
      • customer must order at least X quantity of selected product
      • customer can't order more than X quantity of selected product
      • cart must have at least X products
      • cart can't have more than X products
    • If customer's cart will not meet defined conditions it will block purchase process (so it will be not possible to place an order) [screenshot]

both modules are suitable for you,
both of these addons also have much more other features, i explained only features that are related to your case.
if you need some additional explanations - feel free to write.

In Topic: javascript and canvas on cms page

07 February 2018 - 07:55 AM

to use any kind of html tags (canvas) and use javascript you need to extend rich text editor in your shop.
for this purpose you can use module like "tinymcepro": https://mypresta.eu/...ext-editor.html

This addon extends rich text editor, so in your case - thanks to this module - you will be able to use:
- html code (all tags)
- javascripts

best regards,

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