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07 June 2018 - 10:36 AM

you have to modify product.tpl file located in your theme directory, there is a code like:

			{capture name=condition}				{if $product->condition == 'new'}{l s='New'}				{elseif $product->condition == 'used'}{l s='Used'}				{elseif $product->condition == 'refurbished'}{l s='Refurbished'}				{/if}			{/capture}			<p id="product_condition"{if !$product->condition} style="display: none;"{/if}>				<label>{l s='Condition'} </label>				<span class="editable" itemprop="condition">{$smarty.capture.condition}</span>			</p>

just remove it. and you will remove "condition" from your product page.


remember about clearing cache in some cases it's necessary to see the changes that you applied to tpl files


enjoy :)


 Great it's work fine 

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