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In Topic: Delivery methods in cart from most expensive product only

09 March 2019 - 08:07 PM

Hi Vekia, 


I came across your "Carriers from the most expensive product" module. I am wondering if there is maybe a possibility of modifying this module or if there exists a similar module where the condition is not based on the most expensive product, but a product with the highest additional shipping fee (or possibly the heaviest product).

To explain my situation...
- I have PS and I am using PS One Page Checkout.
- I sell 3 different types of products - small, medium and large, defined by "additional shipping fee" in backoffice and sent to the customer in appropriate boxes - S, M, L. If a customer orders a combination of products, they are all sent in the largest box (i.e. 
S+M = M, M+L = L, S+M+L = L, S+L = L).
- In PS, I have: 

      * 2 carriers that are not limited by size (they work fine, I can use them to send any product or combination of products without an extra charge)

      * 3 carriers that are limited by size - Carrier S, Carrier M, Carrier L. (basically, it is one company offering 3 different types of parcel services).

Now, the problem...
- If a customer adds e.g. 1 small item, he sees all Carriers, however, he should only see Carrier S (+ the other 2 unlimited carriers).
- If a customer adds e.g. 1 small and 1 medium item, he should only see the Carrier M 
(+ the other 2 unlimited carriers) etc.


I have tried all different settings, played with sizes, weights, additional shipping cost, carrier selection in admin product page, but nothing worked. :-(


Do you think there is any solution to this? 


Thank you very much in advance for any advice. 

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