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#3090 Without SEO URLs when to convert categories from any old store to Magento

Posted by keilly lee on 21 May 2015 - 04:11 AM

Hi all of you,
You don't stop enlarging the market to develop your brand. If you are using some sites as Shopify, Woocommerce, Zen Cart, Prestashop, ...at the moment and now you know Magento where the location is good to sell your products, you will duplicate your products and them's categories from old site to Magento. This is the simply work that we can help you when you buy our tools, furthermore in the migration process your SEO URL can be changed. Of course, don't worry about it because we can solve this problem for you the best in the shortest time!


#12 My Prestashop is slooooow

Posted by LindaMari on 03 April 2014 - 03:19 PM

My prestashop is very slow, 

im waiting to load my website about 5 seconds, it's so long and my customers don't like it :(

is there any way to speed it up a little? for example to 1 second?

#247 I enabled left column and it doesnt appear in prestashop 1.6

Posted by kangoo on 17 April 2014 - 07:19 PM



i enabled left column for each page in my shop, but unfortunately when im on product page - left column disappears

i use prestashop 1.6 with default bootstrap template

#8296 What is right choice for your online shop: PrestaShop vs. Magento?

Posted by alexnguyen on 09 June 2016 - 04:15 AM

Both Prestashop and Magento are open source and becomes popular e-commerce platform. Depending on users demands, you can choose the most suited one for your online business. Below comparison is one suggestion:

Who Should Choose Magento?
Magento is perfect for those looking for full control over the customization of their online store. Wide range of enterprise grow quickly will find the features of Magento a better fit than PrestaShop.
Who Should Choose PrestaShop?
Smaller businesses or those not looking to grow quickly will find the user-friendly option of PrestaShop to fit perfectly with their needs. This system makes it easy to keep cost down and you won’t need to invest as much time into setting everything up.
Prestashop is free to download and install basic application on the server, then users can decide what functionality is needed and only pay for the modules they need.
Magento is pretty different with 2 editions. With Magento Community Edition, you also have to pay no fee for charge. In other side, Enterprise Edition of Magento really spends for the biggest players because of its large yearly subscription fee.  
However, the same thing here is the hosting service for long run is not free, in both cases.  Web developers and store owners may have to pay for most of the professional themes, designs and extensions also.
Because of no available of hosted solution, the installation of Prestashop depends on the host you select for your ecommerce website. If your host offers one-click installation, no technical knowledge requirement to install and vice versa. In general, PrestaShop is easy to understand to set up stores or add products. 
The Magento installation depends on the version you choose. As spending for startups or small-scale enterprises, Magento Go servers seem to be ready to setup and nothing difficult. With Magento Enterprise Edition, it is more complicated with large and multinational corporations.
The two platforms are significantly different when it comes to having questions to answer or problems to solve.
If facing to some problem or any wonders about PrestaShop, users can join online community and discuss with other users or professionals. But it is seldom to get the official supports. Moreover, when coming across a lot of smaller bugs, PrestaShop installation only implies some technical knowledge to suggest you to fix on your own.
Regarding Magento, official supports come with only users choosing expensive Enterprise Edition. With the others, there is a community including a lot of talented and enthusiastic web developers who can be contacted any time on the different online forums.
Experts point out that even though PrestaShop includes some basic optimization possibilities, Magento is much stronger in the field of SEO with lots of opportunities to attract high traffic to your website.
Be responsive from 2014, Magento is compatible with all platform kinds, which brings user-friendly interface. This point makes Google’s algorithm rank Magento sites in good searching results. PrestaShop now is also mobile- friendly, so SEO in its website is improved completely.
PrestaShop offers over 300 features so becomes powerful ecommerce solution for small business or startups having not too large budget. Besides free software installation, users only have to pay for extra necessary extensions. Free features include:
• Layered navigation 
• Fully customizable templates
• Promotion rules
• Unlimited currencies
• Unlimited product and inventory management
• Analytics and reporting
• Multi-store management
• Return management
In this aspect, features and benefits offered by Magento are similar to PrestaShop with the added advantage that Magento Go is suitable for mobile applications and devices. Magento Go however does not offer gifting options.
Both platforms are open-source code systems, so certainly lots of different plugins and extensions are available. PrestaShop is simpler in installation and handling of the modules, even for the beginners, while you will need an expert with specific competence and experience to support installation modules with Magento.
In conclusion, hope this comparison can help you have right solution for your business. And if you are owning an unsatisfactory site and wanna transfer to the other, experts recommend you some helpful tools:



Contact for more support: Click here

#3714 Migrate SEO URLs to keep search rankings & traffic

Posted by Angela on 07 August 2015 - 07:50 AM

This is a sharing about keeping search rankings & traffic i've read on blog of Litextension, and i think it may useful for someone, so i'd like to share it in here. thank for reading and good luck! 

"After migrated your store to Prestashop in a way that will change the URLs of the pages, Migrate Product and Category SEO Urls Package is important to ensure that search engines and other traffic to your site can follow the old URLs to the new URLs


What happens if you do not migrate URLs?

  • - Visitors to your site, either through bookmarks or links on other sites, will find  broken links and probably leave your site.
  • - Links set up to help with your search rankings will be broken and lose their value.
  • - Your pages themselves will lose out on any ranking they have on search engines.


Solution to migrate SEO URLs and Keep Your Search Rankings & Traffic?

We are glad to introduce our Migrate Product and Category SEO Urls Package to help you migrate your old URLs to your new Magento store.

It supports migrating custom product and category SEO Urls to preserve SEO ranking of Source Store. This requires custom work from our staffs as well as additional cost. Please provide us your Source Store Url and FTP, we will modify our tool to enable this functionality. 


  • - The plugin will be manually crafted by our experts to fit your Source store perfectly
  • - Support all types of Source stores and SEO link structures
  • 100% customer satisfaction so far

Very simple to get our Migrate Product and Category SEO Urls Package, just select Migrate Product and Category SEO Urls option when you purchasing our product ".



#886 multistore Automatic currency switcher

Posted by henry on 24 September 2014 - 04:01 PM



how to setup the redirection currency and language based on country ip? In Prestashop version.

#4109 Add fields to the web service orders

Posted by totti240282 on 10 September 2015 - 12:27 PM

When you request a specific order, and I am going to read the detail, I need to read the purchase price, how can I add this field?

<associations><order_rows nodeType="order_row" virtualEntity="true"><order_row><id>350</id><product_id>51</product_id><product_attribute_id>66</product_attribute_id><product_quantity>2</product_quantity><product_name>gfgfgfgfgfg : Cioccolato</product_name><product_reference>5445454</product_reference><product_ean13>0</product_ean13><product_upc/><product_price>107.762557</product_price><unit_price_tax_incl>62.540000</unit_price_tax_incl><unit_price_tax_excl>57.114155</unit_price_tax_excl>

I would like to add the field to the purchase price (wholesales).

#17 My Prestashop is slooooow

Posted by vekia on 03 April 2014 - 03:33 PM

for the first, check:


adv. parameters > performance tab in your back office

check if:

- force compilation is turned OFF

- cache is turned ON

#1174 [Free module] Ajax Live Search

Posted by Webtet on 15 November 2014 - 10:51 PM

Ajax Live Search with images product






Ajax Live Search module allows to search products quickly and easily for your customers. It will display the results instantly while typing in an inputbox. Searching for product never was so easy with this module. Impress your visitors and increase your site usability!




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#7024 What business should use Prestashop Cloud?

Posted by James on 29 March 2016 - 04:24 AM


Prestashop Cloud is an alternative solution for hosting website with Prestashop users. Cloud hosting is a network of servers that allow websites to be hosted on multiple servers.

After its launch in January 2015, Prestashop Cloud is an exciting move and becomes a new choice for e-merchants beside self-hosted Prestashop. While self-hosted Prestashop allows you to download and install on your website, it is easy and quick to create Prestashop Cloud store with an email address.

Should or not should use Prestashop Cloud is still a hot debate topic for businesses. If you have plan to use Prestashop Cloud instead of self-hosted Prestashop, you should read the article that shows overview about Prestashop Cloud.

  1. It is easy to create an account on Prestashop Cloud and host shopping cart free.
  2. Do not need to install software. You can start to sell products on Prestashop servers in no time.
  3. You can add a custom domain name at any time.
  4. Speed hosting is high.
  5. Developer can choose any of the hundreds of themes and modules on Prestashop Addons
  1. Registering Prestashop Cloud account free, but you need to purchase built-in modulesfrom Addons to add more features and extend functionality of website.
  2. It only supports to use modules and themes on Prestashop Addons. You can’t use new themes from other sources. Different modules and themes are warned that they are unsafe and incompatible to Prestashop Cloud, so which are not allowed on the platform.
  3. It is limited to customize the default template. Storeowners can only change some of the default theme’s setting including color, font and lay-out; adjust logo, website icons of standard theme.
  4. You don’t have full control on management of your store. After logging in to your account, you can see dashboard to manage on your PrestaShop Cloud back-office. However, it is the fact that you only change products and services by store editor. The store is yours, but Prestashop has the highest power on managing your site.
  5. It does not allow you to access to database and change SQL database.
  6. Prestashop do not give members permission to get their hands in the code. If storeowner want to expand scale of store, they can’t export the code, which means that developers have to rebuild the website.
  7. SSL security is currently impossible.


People recognize that Prestashop Cloud is only suitable for small business to start an online store quickly with a little technical knowledge. It solves the problem about budget in the first period. However, when the number of products increases, Prestashop Cloud is not a good choice, you must build your website again from the beginning. Experts recommend you to choose self-hosted Prestashop to be independent in editing and managing your website, especially with stores carrying frequently changing product. Storeowners have full control on source code. Developers can customize e-commerce store according to their necessary.


If you want to migrate your shopping cart to Prestashop site now, migration tool of LitExtension supports you to implement hosting for new Prestashop.

see more at http://blog.litexten...estashop-cloud/


#6327 Best-loved Shopping Carts in 2015

Posted by alexnguyen on 15 January 2016 - 08:37 AM

Today the world had transformed into a more digital one compared to the previous decades. Online business has become more popular than ever before. But we all know that starting an online business can be both rewarding and challenging. Knowing where to start, how to run a sustainable business, and how to be successful are very important questions to every entrepreneur.


If now you decide to start an online business, the first thing you need to do is to choose a shopping cart for your website. However, in such a complicated market like ecommerce platform market, it seems to be difficult to give right decision between several available options. Therefore, this article will show you top three favorite shopping carts that are best-loved all over the world. They are Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce.






If you need a completely customizable online store, Magento will fulfill your needs. Being a reputation open-source e-commerce software, Magento lets you tailor-make any aspect of your online store and make it work as exactly what you want.

Why do we say that Magento is the best choice for merchants? Because since it was first launched in 2007, it has quickly become one of the most popular carts online with its powerfulness and a rich feature set. Magento also offers plenty of customizations to give you the flexibility to maximize sales and optimize your operations; therefore, it seems to be available to all types of businesses.

Another advantage of Magento we want to mention here is it cost-effectiveness. With two different editions: Community Edition (CE) và Enterprise Edition (EE), Magento offers different types of solutions to fit your business. For small businesses, Magento Community, which is free version, is a great way to get started with. The company also offers Magento Enterprise, which gives you enterprise-level functionality and support to configure your website and back-end workflows.




Prestashop was launched in 2007 and quickly impress users by its decent efficiency, good functionality list and rather simple modification. Today more than 200,000 ecommerce stores run on PrestaShop technology. If Magento requires a little technical knowledge to use, PrestaShop seems to be more suitable to who are just starting their online store because administration panel is quite intuitive and easy to master. It’s especially important for those who are just starting their Internet adventure.

The significant feature of Prestashop is free of cost & open source. We believe that Prestashop is the best choice if you have a tight budget but still want to run on an efficient ecommerce platform.

There are a lot of functionalities built in PrestaShop. Many of them which are no match for Magento are sufficient for beginners and intermediate online shop owners. Prestashop provides extensive feature sets for managing product listing, payments, shipping, manufacturers and suppliers.




WooCommerce, which is a free WordPress plugin, is one of the fastest growing shopping carts. This plugin was created in 2011 and is now used by thousands of e-commerce websites worldwide. If you are thinking about creating your own online store, you definitely should give WooCommerce a chance because it does not take very long to install but works great.

Like Prestashop, WooCommerce is completely free to download. Despite being free, WooCommerce offers extensive features out of the box and especially it will not cost you a thing.  All you have to do is download this plugin, and you will have it in just a few minutes. However, it still looks professional. We are sure that customers will be impressed by how organized your online store is and how easy it is to pay for the products.

Moreover, the WooCommerce plugin allows you to build a WordPress-based online store quickly and easily. As a popular shopping-cart software, WooCommerce also gives you unlimited capabilities and endless customization options from a variety of themes and extensions throughout the Web.


In conclusion, we suggest Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce for your website because these outstanding feature. We also know that it is not easy to choose the right shopping cart at the first time especially to the starter. But don’t worry because LitExtension will help you to correct the mistake with shopping cart migration tools.


Source: http://blog.litexten...-carts-in-2015/

#5543 No More Right Click

Posted by NEO on 23 November 2015 - 02:17 PM

hello im looking for some reviews for this prestashop module: No More Right Click

This module allows you to dennied the use of "CRTL+C", "CTRL+V", "Right Click", "Drag adn drop". And you can exclude some users by their IP, to make it easier for your translators and administrators. Protect your content from duplication by other stores.  Video Disable : - Right click - CTRL + C - CTRL + V - CTRL + U - Drag & Drop (for content and images) 

#2482 Avoid PrestaShop Cloud as hell!

Posted by DEFTONES on 27 January 2015 - 12:04 PM


some time ago i bought module from official addons store that required modifications of the core, that is not a problem for me because im a little php savvy (thanks vekia for tutorials!)


several days ago i migrated to prestashop cloud, everything worked well untill i wanted to append changes.

there is no possibility to customize shop, even a little!


the only one way to customize shop are modules... and these modules arent free of course.. much expensive that in other markets...


for example:

- facebook shop module on addons costs 80€

- i found another addon that is worth 30€ in marketplace that is not trusted by addons store



nothing is free. and in cloud you can't have customized shop!!!!

#2329 Motorshopparts

Posted by chrver100 on 14 January 2015 - 04:51 PM

Wich module or template i need to make a motorcycleparts-shop in prestashop?

I'm new in Prestashop so is there somebody who has an example of a shop that can do :


1, Have a database off the most recent motorcycles, with type and year off building or the possiblity to build that database.

2. Has the possiblity when i have choosen a specific motorcycle, to show wich parts are availebel for that cycle.

3. Has the possiblity to add that product to the chart and order it


Thx and i hope there is someone who can help me.


With regards,



#2261 My prestashop 1.6 website takes about 2minutes save a category

Posted by ronelgon on 30 December 2014 - 04:12 AM


My prestashop website takes about 2-3minutes to save a created/edited category or product.  It is very slow in loading. I talked to my web host and increased the time out up to 3-5minutes. But at times its loads until the time expires and then bring 500 error internal server error. The message i get is time out 


What can i do to improve the situation?


Is there a plugin or module to help on this or how can i manually solve the issue.


Your help will be highly appreciated
Thank you


#8095 Prestashop, Magento or WooCommerce?

Posted by James on 29 May 2016 - 05:05 PM

Great comparisons among Magento, Prestashop and WooCommerce for store development


If you don't know the way to choose the right shopping cart at the first time especially for the starters.

Don't worry, LitExtension will help to correct the mistake with shopping cart migration tools 

#2902 Very bad experience with prestashop customer service for cloud version - avoi...

Posted by jelonek on 08 April 2015 - 07:35 PM

I was about to open an online shop and after a few weeks of looking for a software, i decided to go for prestashop cloud version. Everything seemed fine and nice and managing the shop seemed smooth and easy. So I went for it, worked hard on it for a few days, spent long hours each day.

Now when the shop started looking good, I can't log into the shop - front, back, dashboard, nothing. When I log into my account and press manage my store, I get blank white screen and nothing happens. I tried wired and two different mobile phones, different browsers. When I can't access my data from front or back, in desperation I called the number given on the website. I really had to try hard.

I was really astonished when the lady over the phone told me that if I need any help from them I need to use the paid tickets. The fault is not on my side, I can't access anything, can't do anything. It turned out that the technical support is paid, what if this problems occurs regally and I use the free tickets? I need to pay for more.

I thought that using cloud service would bring an easy managing of the store so that I could focus on the shop and sales and not technical matters. It turns out that prestashop has really thought through how to make

money over cloud service. So my advise is - avoid as hell keeping your data on prestashop servers. And use the old good ways of using your server and installing it there. You can't also count on technical support over phone, because even when you choose technical support option, you still get connected with a sales representative, who just states that they can't help with technical support, only with sales.

#22 1 column free prestashop theme fashion bird

Posted by hrbj on 03 April 2014 - 10:41 PM

Free prestashop theme "fashion bird"

is a one column free prestashop template

with nice looking top full width sider


Posted Image



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#18906 5% OFF on MAGENTO MIGRATION TOOL - Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Jatin Nayyar on 13 June 2019 - 12:20 PM

When it comes to migration from M1 to M2, there are following elements you need to take into consider -:
-Do you need new creative design or not? (UI / UX)
-Do you want to migrate all data from old store to new store?

         -Catalogue Data (Product, Category)
         -Customer Data
        - Order Data
         -Newsletter Data
         -CMS pages / blog

-Do you want to build your theme from scratch or you have out of the box Magento 2 themes to be installed?
-Do you have third party extensions which are available in M2 or not?
-Do you have custom extension which required to be rebuilt in M2?


Try Magento 1 to Magento Migration Estimator will help you get an idea of things which need to be considered and also give you an idea of cost.


#1251 Google Rich Snippets

Posted by Tom Evans on 28 November 2014 - 12:12 PM

Any Buzz!!!