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8 Common Mistakes in Web Design

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Posted 29 May 2020 - 02:58 PM

The web design is not an exact science. There are general principles to follow, but at the end of the day, you have to figure out what works for you and your audience. However, you must always remember that your customers are in control when they are on your website, and some web design errors will make you vulnerable Get Instant License and end up leaving your website. 

Here are common mistakes which should avoid:

1. Make content that looks like Advertising

Anything that looks like a burner is going to be ignored. Avoid common web design, the mistake of putting essential information in a format that looks like advertising.

2. Use of non-intuitive navigation

If you have to explain how to surf the web, you have done something wrong. Navigation should make sense to someone who has never seen your site before. It is also important that it make it easier for visitors to find how to return to the previous page and the home page.

3. Automatic flash videos

No one wants to be held 20 seconds of an introductory video before uploading the site content. The video is great, but it's better to be optional, providing a play button for the user to click on when it's ready.

4. Not having the Price List

What is the point of having an e-commerce site if you have the visitor register or process payment before seeing current prices? This includes shipping fees too. You must provide estimates before departure to reduce the impact of the price on the sale.

5. Uncertain calls for action

Can visitors immediately see how to take action on your site? Your action call must use descriptive language, clearly geared towards what you want the visitor to do.

6. Long blocks of text

Our attention span is very short and even shorter online. No one has time to read through a long page of small text. Make the typeface larger to make the content appear less intimidating.

7. Difficult search

Placing the search box in a hard-to-find situation like half the sidebar, not being able to handle misspellings, and not including search capabilities at all are common web design mistakes. Bad search can leave users frustrated.

8. Links that don't look like links

Use colors to design the text that can be a link that you can click on, and change the color of the links that have already been clicked. Don't be too creative with this. Underlining, italics, bold, and unusual colors may look good, but users cannot recognize the fact that they can be clicked.



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Posted 29 July 2020 - 02:32 PM

Bring fresh life to your website design - use the geometric field and show all the shapes of your brand! Geometry in web design has always been hot and prestigious. And 2020 is a completely imperfect organic form trend.
Circles, triangles, and swirling squares, applied to geometric backgrounds and throughout the website, entice guests to care and convey graceful messages about your brand. The original geometric patterns do not respect the visual uniformity of the sites and add a cool pop art look to any web project!
Look just at https://agency.weblium.com/The blue geometric field of the agency's website is decorated with geometric curved lines. This is a good example of how to use simple geometric shapes to create a cute minimalistic website background. Blocks of pure white color dilute blue very well, making the image easier to perceive.

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Posted 26 February 2021 - 09:51 AM

An issue of debenture plays a great role in long-term planning and decision-making. In a modern competitive business era, every company needs funds for any business opportunity. Both corporations and governments frequently issue debentures to raise capital or funds. This financing can be fulfilled only by issuing the owner’s capital and debt capital.

The issue of debenture, on one side, creates the obligation for the payment of interest at a fixed rate and on another side, it causes an increase in earnings per share due to a comparatively less number of shares issued. Debentures as a source of finance suit companies that have regular earnings to service the debt have a higher proportion of fixed assets in the structure of their assets which offers adequate security and motivates investors.

The following points are being produced for their importance:

(1) Debenture holders or suppliers of loan capital have no controlling interest in the company.

(2) Debentures are important to pay interest expenses at a fixed rate.

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(7) It helps to mobilize public savings and funds in the form of investment. In depressed market conditions debentures play an important role in providing a good source of finance for a company and is beneficial to the investors.

(8) Debenture is a less costly source of financing for the company. The cost of debenture is lower than the cost of equity. Debentures help to reduce the burden of income tax since interest is charged against profit and loss accounts.

(9) Debenture is the most suitable form of long-term source of financing. It provides long-term finance to the company on easy and cheap terms. The cost of debt is lower than the cost of equity or preference shares as interest is tax-deductible.

(10) Debentures provide the way, to use leverage in the capital structure of the company.

(11) Debenture helps in the mobilization of savings from the public particularly from those investors who are risk aversive.

(12) Debenture helps to minimize the tax burden of the firm because the amount of interest is deducted from the income.

Advantages of Debentures 

  • Financial backers who need fixed pay at lesser danger lean toward them. 
  • As a debenture doesn't convey casting a ballot rights, financing through them doesn't weaken control of value investors on administration. 
  • Financing through them is less exorbitant when contrasted with the expense of inclination or value capital as the interest installment on debentures is charge deductible. 
  • The organization doesn't include its benefits in a debenture. 
  • The issue of debentures is suitable in the circumstance when the deals and profit are generally steady. 

Drawbacks of Debentures 

  • Each organization has certain acquiring limit. With the issue of debentures, the limit of an organization to additionally acquire reserves diminishes. 
  • With redeemable debenture, the organization needs to make arrangements for reimbursement on the predetermined date, in any event, during times of monetary strain on the organization. 
  • Debenture put a lasting weight on the profit of an organization. Hence, there is a more serious danger when the income of the organization change. 

Kinds of Debenture 

1. Gotten and Unsecured: 

Gotten debenture makes a charge on the resources of the organization, consequently selling the resources of the organization. Unstable debenture doesn't convey any charge or security on the resources of the organization. 

2. Enrolled and Bearer: 

An enrolled debenture is recorded in the register of debenture holders of the organization. A normal instrument of move is needed for their exchange. Conversely, the debenture which is adaptable by simple conveyance is called conveyor debenture. 

3. Convertible and Non-Convertible: 

Convertible debenture can be changed over into value shares after the expiry of a predetermined period. Then again, a non-convertible debenture is those which can't be changed over into value shares. 

4. First and Second: 

The subsequent debenture is what is paid after the primary debenture has been repaid. In a modern competitive business era, every company needs funds for any business opportunity. Both corporations and governments frequently issue debentures to raise capital or funds. This financing can be fulfilled only by issuing the owner’s capital and debt capital.

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