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Gear pump reduces performance

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Posted 13 October 2020 - 09:24 AM

It should be pointed out that the gap between the rotary vane and the groove is too large to reduce performance. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure reasonable tolerance matching and shape and position tolerance values, pay attention to the thermal expansion of the rotary vane, avoid the roughness of the rotary vane and the groove, pay attention to the cold oil viscosity of the oil, and design sufficient spring force of the rotary vane. When using circular arc separation , The additional eccentricity of the rotor center should not be too large. Otherwise, if the rotary vane passes through two circular arcs, it will tend to break away from the cylinder wall at the intersection point, which will cause impact noise. Generally, the size of the small gear pump is 0.20~0.25mm, and the large gear pump can be appropriately enlarged. Sound of pressure oil in the exhaust dead space and pressure oil in the residual volume. When the gear pump reaches the ultimate pressure, the two pressure oils will be injected into the vacuum chamber at high speed when connected with the vacuum chamber, colliding with the rotor and the cylinder wall to produce sound. The size and location of the two volumes are related to noise.

The impact noise of the valve plate on the valve seat and the support part sucks a large amount of gas

The more circulating oil of the gear pump, the greater the valve noise, the higher the valve jump, the larger the valve area, the greater the noise of the valve, and the material of the valve has a certain influence. The noise of the rubber valve disc should be better than that of the steel sheet or laminate. For this reason, it is necessary to control the oil intake, and the valve flap must be closed in time and tightly. Pay attention to the selection and structure of the valve.

This noise will increase when the echo and bubble burst sound in the box increase.

Therefore, this noise will increase significantly when the gas ballast is turned on or when the atmosphere is vented. If the amount of gas ballast is adjustable, the amount of gas ballast can be adjusted reasonably.

The noise made when a large amount of gas and oil is discharged and hits the oil baffle and other parts

If the parts are not rigid enough or not fastened, vibration and collision will occur, which will increase the noise. Therefore, the oil baffle should not only have sufficient rigidity and be fastened, but also, when it needs to contact other parts (such as the fuel tank), the method of clamping rubber can avoid the collision noise caused by vibration and improve the oil blocking effect.

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