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Why Shopping Carts are Abandoned and their Solution?

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Posted 05 August 2022 - 10:50 AM

One of the largest sources of aggravation for online retailers is cart abandonment. This refers to customers adding products to their shopping carts but never checking them out.

The statistics underlying this issue are simply astonishing. Between 55% and 81.4 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned globally. For every cart that completes checkout successfully, over two carts are abandoned with respect to successful checked out cart. As a result, trillions of dollars’ worth of goods are abandoned in online shopping carts every year.




This article will walk you through the most common causes of online cart abandonment and offer some doable fixes to lower your rate.


Most reasonable explanations for cart abandonment


Although client cart desertion is a significant issue for online businesses, the good news is that we clearly understand why this happens. The following are the main causes:


  • Unexpectedly expensive delivery fees

  • comparing costs on various websites

  • saving the cart for later because I wasn't quite ready to make a buy yet.

  • There was not enough in the cart for free shipping.

  • Late presentation of shipping and other expenses during checkout

  • To complete the transaction, you must establish an account.

  • No preferred payment method is available

  • The client drifting off and forgetting



How to lower the rate of cart abandonment?


It's not helpful to just understand why online shoppers abandon their baskets. You must make adjustments to address these root causes if you want to start lowering your cart abandonment rate. Be careful to take the following actions to have the largest impact:


Be honest about the price of your shipping


If Shipping expenses are the scourge of online customers, then cart abandonment is the bane of online companies.


Offering free delivery on all orders, regardless of cart value, is undoubtedly the simplest way to lower your cart abandonment rate. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that prevent many merchants from doing this. Be honest if you can't offer free shipping and make sure to let people know.


Email abandoned basket customers


One of the most crucial email automation system you should have for the online store is the abandoned cart email. These are email reminders to finish their purchase that are sent to customers who leave their cart unattended.


The problem of customers becoming side-tracked and forgetting about their cart is one problem. The customers who add the products to their cart without any intention to buy it get these email reminders for completing their purchase. These emails frequently include feature a unique offer to entice customers who are merely checking costs amongst websites.




Make the checkout process easy


Customers being side-tracked is one of the main causes of cart abandonment. You should simplify the checkout procedure as much as possible to aid with this.


The customer becomes distracted throughout the checkout process and abandons their cart if more stages are there for checkout. You should refrain from requiring someone to register for an account before they can make a transaction.


While requiring clients to do so is one of the main causes of cart abandonment, allowing them to do so has various advantages. If you do add this step, be sure to make it clear that it is optional and not necessary.


Provide several different payment alternatives


There is one more thing you should do which is to provide a variety of payment options. While being upfront about shipping and additional fees and streamlining your checkout process will reduce the number of cart abandoners. The abandoned cart emails will help recover those comparing prices or getting addistracted.


The more payment options you have, the less likely it is that a consumer would remove items from their cart since their preferred option is available.




Unfortunately, cart abandonment is a problem that online retailers will likely never solve. But that does not imply that you should lose heart. By putting the mentioned advice into practice, you'll decrease the number of purchases you lose due to cart abandonment and increase the profitability of your store. There is no longer a need to put off these adjustments because they are quick and simple to adopt.


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