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Social Advertising: Why Are Awareness Campaigns Necessary?

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Posted 15 May 2019 - 05:42 PM

The social advertising is very much alive among many advertisers and greatly hurts us the charge of being the armed wing of capitalism; to be the cause of the exacerbated love for objects, and far from demystifying or arguing against, I would like to speak today of a function of advertising that sometimes goes unnoticed: the function of social awareness.

Advertising is something more than selling products - do not fear that I will not talk about theories or definitions of advertising. Advertising fulfills social functions that often go unnoticed, although for many it is only a mechanism to sell.

There are innumerable campaigns that, through the creativity of a group of publicists, send us a message about a problem that is present in society and that, due to our way of living, goes unnoticed or we do not pay enough attention to it. These are types of problems in which creativity puts its bit to get this message.

Advertising is not selling objects; Advertising is communication and if we as advertisers can flood you with emotional and rational arguments so that you can acquire a product, do not doubt that we will be delighted that our arguments are part of a change of mentality when raising awareness about a problem. Some companies bet on this type of corporate videos to support and make visible these social problems.

Social Advertising Why does society need awareness campaigns?

In today's society we live fast. Subjected to a frenetic pace that leaves us little time to reflect. Stop and take a look around is not as simple as it seems.

We are all aware of the existence of problems of poverty, hunger or inequality, but we live without doing anything. Many times the solution is as easy as simply putting it in front of us and, once there, acting is as simple as this example.

Fashion Revolution is an association that promotes fair treatment for workers in the fashion sector concentrated in underdeveloped countries.

This type of campaigns usually have a lot of impact, people are sensitive to this type of problem and are ideal to develop a Corporate Social Responsibility plan and work on a Branded Content in social networks.

This video is more than 1 years old, but it is still current and it is not only a question of countries or borders, it is something that affects us all. A few days ago the candidate of the Popular Party to the mayor of Madrid, made some comments showing insensitive towards the problem of the homeless. In this line the following video is placed.

Social campaigns awareness of diseases

Normally with this type of campaigns is intended more than an emotional involvement, it is sought that society actively participate with donations. Wonders as the next spot was a success both in donations and in the prestigious Cannes Advertising Festival.

Social education campaigns against Racism, Bullying and Homophobia.

Education is important to improve this type of behavior in our society. Children have the power to change the world, but in many cases education is not the right one and it is not so easy to bring a behavior to certain ages.

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