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OpenCart to Prestashop Migration Tool by LitExtension

OpenCart Prestashop Migration LitExtension

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#1 alexnguyen


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Posted 20 January 2015 - 02:45 AM

OpenCart to Prestashop Migration Tool by LitExtension is a full feature module allows OpenCart store owners to migrate data from their store to Prestashop. Migration data includes: Products, Categories, Customers, Customers Password, Orders, Reviews, Manufacturers, Taxes,... and can be extended via customization


MODULE URL: http://litextension....prestashop.html





1. Products
• Product Information: Product Name, Product Description, Quantity, Model, Available, Weight, Created Date, Modified Date , Price, Tax Class, etc.
• Product Images: Support to migrate all products images from source store to target store
• Product Attributes: Additional fields that may affect the price of product and have a couple of meanings, e.g. Color, Size, Material, etc.
• Product Extra Fields: Additional fields that do not affect the price of product and have no selective meanings, e.g. checkboxes, dropdownlist, radiobuttons.
• Product Variants: A specific item, it can be grouped with related variants together to form a product, e.g. an iPhone 6 gold,16GB storage has SKU of 1234 is one product variant of the iPhone product.
• Product Tags: The keyword you assign to your product. Tags describe a property of your product. 
• Related Products: Products in the same category as the item a shopper is viewing
2. Categories
• Categories: Product categories constituting the major groups of products in the store.
• Image Categories: Images corresponding to the product categories.
3. Customers
• Customer information: First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, DOB, Phone,Home Address, Shipping Address,  Billing Address, Registered Date, Status, etc.
• Customer Password: Support migrate Customer Passwords from OpenCart to Prestashop 
• Customer Groups: Allows to migrate customers preserving relationships with their groups
4. Orders
• Order Information:  Customer Information, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Currency, Order Statuses, Totals, Created Date, etc.
• Order Details: List of products in an order, e.g. Product Name, Price, Quantity, etc. of each product in an order.
5. URLs
Migrate Product and Category SEO Urls: Supports migrating custom product and category SEO Urls to preserve SEO ranking of Source Store
6. Custom Fields
• Migrate Custom Fields: Support migrating custom fields of products, categories, customers and orders
7. Reviews
• Review Information: Reviews of each product made by customer on your store including: Customers Name, Rating, Review, etc.
8. Taxes
• Tax details: Name, Value, Value Type (percent or exact value in default currency), Created Date, etc.
9. Manufacturers
• Manufacturers Information: Name, Description, URL, Meta Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, etc.
• Manufacturer Images: Images corresponding to product manufacturers in the store.
10. Currencies
• List of currency rates 

Shopping cart migration tool 

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#2 James


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Posted 25 September 2015 - 07:11 AM

LitExtension supports you many addition features when migrating from OpenCart to Prestashop.
It provides more convenient functions for user.
1. Migrate recent data
 Provide Resume functionality to continue on the last point of previous migration
2. Clear current data on Target Store before migration
Allow deleting current data (products, categories, customers, orders, etc.) from the Prestashop Store before migration
3. Create product variants based on combinations of their attributes values
This option allows creating product variants based on the available combinations of attribute values
4. Preserve order IDs on Target Store
Allow preserving Source Store Order IDs on the Prestashop Store during the migration, e.g. Order #77 on Source Store is migrated as the Prestashop Store Order #77 
5. Preserve customer IDs on Target Store
Allow preserving Source Store customer IDs on the Prestashop Store during the migration, e.g. Customer #66 on Source Store is migrated as the Prestashop Store customer #66 
6. Transfer images in product descriptions to your Target Store
Allow to migrate product images, category images from Source Store to the Prestashop Store

LitExtension - Supplier of Shopping Cart Migration Tool



#3 James


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Posted 09 November 2015 - 05:02 AM

7. Ignore product inventory for out-of-stock products
8. Three Simple Steps Migration
Migration from OpenCart to Prestashop with quick and straight forward 3 simple steps. You don't need to have any technical knowledge to go through all the process
9. Re-Migration
LitExtension team supports unlimited remigrations with no extra cost
10. Money Back Guarantee
YES, If the extension does not work for your case by following our setup instructions, or it does not live up to what has been advertised, LitExtension.com will refund with full amount. You will have 30 days to try out the product and ensure you had the right decision.

LitExtension - Supplier of Shopping Cart Migration Tool



#4 alexnguyen


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Posted 20 February 2016 - 07:58 AM

OpenCart to Prestashop Migration Tool

allows you to migrate Products, Orders, Customers, Passwords and Other Data automatically.

Migration tool: http://litextension....prestashop.html

Tutorial: http://litextension....igration-guide/

Video: https://youtu.be/Y2znmfXd3YI

Shopping cart migration tool 

#5 Cart2Cart-Team



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Posted 21 November 2019 - 08:19 AM

Hello there, 

We'd like you to consider one more automated converter for OpenCart to PrestaShop migration - Cart2Cart service. The tool aims to help its clients to perform ecommerce migration in a fully automated manner, with no data loss and business interruption.

Cart2Cart service allows you to go through the migration procedure from OpenCart to PrestaShop in a totally automated manner. A list of transferable entities includes: products, product categories, manufacturers, taxes, customers, orders, coupons, reviews, multistore, etc. You can specify the types of data that need to be migrated just by clicking the required boxes at the point of setting up the migration. The switch is completely automated, so no tech background or skills are required to operate the extension. 

With the help of the Cart2Cart service you’ll have your OpenCart store on the go so it`will be available for clients during the whole OpenCart to PrestaShop switch. 

Make sure to try a Free Demo migration in order to check the service performance and evaluate the results. 24/7 support with a human behind aims to help you cope with any troubles during the migration path. 


Feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to bring you the highest service level we can.



Cart2Cart Team