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How Magento QuickBooks Integration helps e-Commerce Stores?

07 September 2015 - 09:54 AM

A successful enterprise is the result of several factors like excellent team work, proficient knowledge, latest technology and effective marketing strategies. Website development platforms are one of the crucial elements that give businesses a digital exposure. The digital brand identity of any businesses should be made using top development platforms, as it plays important role in gaining success. Offering your business an eCommerce interface will allow you serve around the world.


No business can sustain without the support of accounting application. QuickBooks is the accounting software serves industry verticals with excellent accounting solutions. The outstanding end result obtained by syncing two most popular systems i.e. Magento and QuickBooks provides reliable solutions to modern businesses.


Magento QuickBooks integration benefits helps simplifying complex business processes and offering them desired ROI.


Top 7 Benefits offered by Magento QuickBooks Integration Solution
  1. With this integration solution, you can completely control aspects like sales, invoices, customers and finances.
  2. Invoices can be generated easily and sales can also be tracked.
  3. With QuickBooks you can minimize the paperwork to an extent; it can also help merchants to prepare tax reports.
  4. QB software also allows you control the expenses under distinct categories. Integration with Magento will also cover-up entire eCommerce arena.
  5. Manage eCommerce accounting efficiently with Magento QB integration solution.
  6. You can also help your customers to save their bank account details in the QB software ensuring they would be safe and secured.
  7. Checkout processes are also made faster and easier due to integration solution.
  8. Enhance the customer relationship and automate the business activities.
Which Data Categories does Magento QB Integration Automates?
Product Data

The entire product related data (about the existing products and the new products updates) when added or modified in Magento, the integration will automatically update these details in QuickBooks. Data categories like product name, images, description etc. of both Magento and QB are synchronized while Magento QB integration. Thus, no need to make database modification in both the systems as it can be done through any of the system which will also reflect in other system.


Order Data

Not only product related data, but also the order data like order placing, invoice generation, inventory updates etc. are also synchronized. When an order is placed in Magento store front, order information is automatically reflected in QuickBooks. It makes the database accurate and error-free.

You can save valuable time that was earlier eaten up by database management.


Integrate Magento with QuickBooks to help businesses control their processes and increase profitability.

How does ERP Integration with Magento Help Modern Businesses?

02 September 2015 - 09:04 AM

Integration is all about blending two or more systems to avail the features offered by multiple systems in a single integrated solution. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and Magento, the leading eCommerce platform are used separately by business owners who are unaware of the benefits of integrated systems. The biggest advantage of Magento ERP integration is the data from ERP system can be directly fetched by Magento platform automatically. It saves time as you need to enter the data in either of the systems and other can get that data without manual efforts.




How will you Select an Appropriate ERP Integration?

Consult the experts and they will understand and analyze your business completely before suggesting the ERP integration solution that suites your specific business needs fulfilling its crucial requirements. It is advisable to consult solution experts for finding an appropriate ERP solution rather than investing in the solution that does not help in gaining profitability to your business.


Why Should ERP be integrated with Magento?

It offers the integrated business solution that a business can get having separate Magento and ERP system. Better to have a single simplified and fortified solution instead of managing both the system separately from separate interfaces.


Enterprise Resource Planning solution can easily be integrated with the leading eCommerce development platform called Magento. It severs all the shopaholics with the excellent online store solutions. Online market is the most advanced method to brand your business across the globe. ERP integration adds value to eCommerce store.


There are several reasons why business owners wishes to integrate Magento with ERP. Let us check each one of them.

  • With this integration, Magento store can access the real time data updated from ERP system. Not only this, customers can also view the latest order status, tracking shipments etc. from the real time data acquired from the ERP systems. It reduces the cost of managing both the systems individually with the integration solution that streamlines both the systems together.
  • Reports can easily be generated from the updated information regarding sales and purchase. The changes made like web transactions, data modification (add, update, delete) in ERP system gets automatically reflect in Magento store front. For instance, if there is no product stock, there would be an error message displayed in the Magento store like “out of stock” or “sold out”. Thus various reports generated in the ERP system will be based on the real time information and thus provides the latest updates.
  • Magento ERP integration restricts the human involvement to an extent as no information in any of the system is updated manually except the addition and removal of the products in the ERP system. The orders placed through online store can easily be tracked by the ERP users to start further processing for timely delivery.
  • When the human involvement is reduced to an extent, it reduces human errors like missed updating the data, insertion of wrong data, insertion of duplicate data etc. The product details stored in the store front can be fetched by ERP system to reduce the data redundancy.

Modern businesses can avail the excellent benefits offered by the integration of Magento and ERP. Stay tuned for more similar solutions making your eCommerce website the best among other alternatives.

Magento Speed Optimization Tips to Boost Website Performance

12 August 2015 - 06:54 AM

In the furious eCommerce competition, internet has turned into a platform for several online stores serving customers across the globe. Shopping habits are also changing with the availability of several varieties of products with best deals and discounts. Isn’t it great that to buy desired products, you don’t have to drive to the supermarket, roam around and select the products, stand in the queue for making payment and drive back home? You can rather complete this difficult task with just few clicks.


To sustain in this competition, Magento eCommerce platform is the first choice of leading web development companies. To deal with the common problem i.e. slow loading speed of Magento eCommerce website, professional developers have come with a solution that would enhance the performance of Magento website.

Magento speed optimization also helps reducing the issues making websites perform poorly. Slow loading website is a serious problem that affects the entire business. It annoys visitors and as a result, they will avoid visiting such websites again. Even the delay of 1-2 seconds can cause huge loss to the online business owners. To retain the customers and invite new once to your website, your online store needs Magento speed optimization.

We have mentioned some tips that can speed up your online store. It will help your store to gain popularity among all the shopaholics around the world.

Tip 1 : Website Elements Compression

A research shows that a user spends 70-80% of the online shopping time on the store front. Only around 20-30% time is spent in the checkout process. So optimizing the front end would make the website performance better. JavaScript and CSS files need to be aggregated and compressed. You can use modules that would help you to compress the files and reduce its size. Several tools are available to compress the themes and images on the website. Too much of compression can damage the picture quality, so make sure you set a limit prior to start compressing the images.

Tip 2 : SQL Queries Execution

If you use SQL queries, it will impact on the speed of the web page. The web page having more queries will have more loading time. If your product webpage displays 50 products with specific information, loading time is inversely affected as every time a product is viewed, a query has to be fired to fetch its related information from the database. Magento data collection should be used for optimizing the queries by storing several products in a single batch when they are loaded. This will speed up your website by reducing the query execution every time a product webpage is loaded.

Tip 3 : Additional Modules and Extension

Using modules and extensions can also impact the speed of your Magento online store. It might be easy to implement and use these modules and extensions, but some of them affect the code of the website. This issue can affect the website’s performance negatively which would result in the requirement of custom development (i.e. costly and time consuming process). Reviewing module code and modifying it as per the standards, prior to integrating is a good practice as it will reduce the loading time, which in turn will offer your customers, a good shopping experience.

We are sure all the above tips will boost your Magento online store performance remarkably! Try them and leave the smiles on your customer’s faces!

How to Manage your Fashion e-store with Magento?

12 August 2015 - 06:35 AM

Do you own a fashion business with an online store? Do you wish your Magento web store to perform flawlessly for long term success? Store maintenance service offered by Magento can help making your online presence strong and flawless. Analyze your online store and check which aspects still need to be brushed-up to perform well and increase conversion rates. In an online store there are several elements that should be taken care of like shopping cart, transactions methods, data security etc. To sustain in the fierce eCommerce competition, your web store needs to be different and ahead of your competitors.

Web development companies build Magento stores due to the excellent features and support services it provides. Here in this article we have mentioned some of the tips to take your fashion business on the roadmap to success.

Tips to Make your Business Successful
Welcome your Customers

Welcome your customers when they arrive and include them in the loyalty program to offer great benefits like discounts, offers etc. Give them a reason to stay on your website and explore it to the fullest for all the products present, look and feel of the store and other relative aspects.

Offer Store Support

To make your online store reliable and popular, you need to get Magento store maintenance services offered by the web development companies as a part of their development package. Make the processes like returns, checkout very simple and easy for your customers. Offer customer support round the clock to fulfill their requirement.

Offer Your Customers a Reason to Return

Treat your customers extremely well by offering quality support services and timely delivery. They will definitely return if they are interested in the apparels you are retailing, because of its quality, cost, low shipping rates etc. Notify them through an email whenever you conduct a sale or offer any discounts to specific range of apparels. Whenever there are new arrivals, your loyal customers should be notified through emails or text messages.

Optimize your Online Store

Make your online store highly optimized. It simply means make your fashion store search engine optimized to get better ranking in the popular search engines. Consult search engine consultant to make every product and every page of your website optimized. The products present in your web store should be indexed accurately to get good visibility for relevant searches.

Make your Magento Store Responsive

Responsive website is the future next. To make your eCommerce website highly popular and impressive, allow your users to access your website through their smartphones or any mobile devices as well, which will increase the visits to your fashion website enhancing its reliability to the next level. Even Google appreciates the websites, which are responsive and mobile-friendly in nature, which can help your eCommerce website gain good visibility.

Any eCommerce website, which considers all or majority of the aspects mentioned above can get success easily. Even hosting service offered by your service providers matters. Consult us to get the best-in-class hosting services as we care for your business and help you gain desired ROI.