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Product Design Customization: The Latest Ecommerce Trend

28 July 2017 - 09:51 AM

If you are the one who believe on this, you cannot take off your eyes from the trend of worldwide market! With the proliferation of social media and online media, trends and preferences keep changing their paradigm very frequently. Giving businesses a real challenge to stay connected with the customers and keep pace with the shifting trend.
The latest trend that has compelled the businesses to rediscover their products gallery is - customized product selling! Offering personalized products to the customers not only help enterprises gain insights from the customized products but they can also fine tune their products' style and design to stay a step ahead of the competition. On the other hand with each customized choice, shoppers share the real-time preference that go beyond any type of survey or polling initiative. Businesses get to learn from their experience of latest customized selling the next season's selling trends - in a way they can predict what will hit next season.

Whether you are a bags seller or a t-shirts seller, you would have discovered the value of allowing your shoppers create their own personalized products. This has also let the enterprises dig deep into the big data to introduce a personalized set of products to their customers.

I am sure this is the only objective behind every business, which has even become more significant with the emergence of social media where word of mouth works wonders!

By now you're pretty sure what the latest trend is and how to go ahead with it.

So start thinking of offering your customers the products they would love to shop - personalized products exhibiting their creativity and personal touch.

Advance Product Designer

This is where you can rely on our services! We have developed Magento Advance Product Designer Extension that can serve the purpose of letting your customers create their own designs on the products they desire to purchase.

Key Attractions

Fully responsive - can be accessed from any device type.
Packed with multiple images through Clipart.
User-friendly - easy to use by your customers.
Customers can create their own design, in addition to selecting clipart designs.
Customers can save design for future use.
You can customize prices as per your choice.
Art Gallery with multiple fonts styles and colors.

Why Rely on Product Designer

The most important of all is the shifting preference of customers to buy personalized products and moreover our Advance Product Designer contains all the tools and features that your customers would like to see and use in any advanced designer tool.

Whether you're selling t-shirt, stationery products, cards, gift items, or even mobile skins; we have every set of product designer suiting your exclusive business needs.

MageMob POS: A Magento POS Terminal In Your Mobile

28 July 2017 - 09:39 AM

This should be the motto of every business to achieve their eventual objective. With the growing pervasiveness of mobile and hand-held devices, Point of Sale have come to the rescue of merchants, especially retailers to offer on-the-go checkout and customer services capabilities to the store associates.
A recent study predicts that the worldwide eCommerce market is at the verge of mobile explosion and there would be one billion consumers who would be armed with smartphones by 2016.

POS - Adding New Chapter to eCommerce

Retailers who are under pressure to stand out in the competition by differentiating their customer service experience from their competitive businesses are hopeful about POS. They believe that potential of mobile to deliver a branded and engaging customer experience can help them convey a stronger message and deliver better shopping experience to their customers than those enterprises not having mobile POS.

Mobile POS has helped retailers feel that using mobile POS strategically can solve retail pain point that includes building customer loyalty and acquisition. It is really a standalone tool for newbie that use mobile POS and those enterprises that haven't tried mobile POS will appear to be archaic to the customers and may lose a wider chunk of market unexplored.

What MageMob POS Delivers

MageMob POS is a feature-rich and versatile anywhere, any device POS developed by Biztech that is capable enough to accept orders from any smartphone having Android and iOS platform. Using this MageMob POS application, retailers can manage all the activities of their online store through their smartphone from anywhere, anytime.

Key Attractions

> Flexible architecture that is compatible with Android and iOS mobile platforms
> Highly user-friendly and easy to manage by retailers
> Easy to access store from anywhere anytime using this app
> Single checkout page with every information of order and customer data
>Customizable dashboard that can be tailored as per need

Key Benefits

> It offers real time information of customers, centralized view of orders, inventory, and other key focus areas.
> Highly portable to carry your online store anywhere and keep posted about all the latest orders and other information.
> It adds to the value of store and increases revenue.
> Its user-friendliness improves customer acquisition and customer Loyalty.
> The most attractive and appealing feature is that this MageMob POS can be customized and is scalable also as per unique business specification of the enterprise.

MageMob POS from AppJetty not only helps retailers stay connected to their stores anywhere anytime but it also offers them the freedom of going mobile and carrying their stores with them and accepting orders from their customers on their go.

Can Multilingual Store Increase Sales?

28 July 2017 - 09:28 AM

What if you are thinking to promote your business in a non-English geographical location? Is your business website capable of delivering the exact message you wish? Is English really a universal language that is accepted across the globe? What about the places where English is considered as second language? Do not let geographical and lingual difference restrict the success of your online store.

We have a solution that will help you spread your business to the areas where visitors prefer to browse the stores in their local parlance.

Getting global by developing a store that supports multiple languages is one of the crucial requirements to be a successful entrepreneur. Internet has connected the world. eCommerce shopping trends is the modern approach helping customers from all over the world to shop for the products and services by just sitting on their couch or sofa.

Shopper can shop comfortably when the eCommerce website would support their native language. Let us check the benefits of building a multilingual eCommerce store.

Our Magento language translator extension is the perfect solution for the businesses seeking a multilingual website to reach out non-English countries. It holds several features that would remove the language barrier for your business.

What does Magento Language Translator Delivers?

Language translator helps businesses seeking strong and powerful store solution to achieve global identity. Targeting multiple demographics will now be an easy task as the eCommerce stores will be supporting multiple languages. Integrating this Magento extension will help you expand the customer base with extensive business opportunities.

Simple and easy to install extension helps translating the content in different language within few seconds. Make your eCommerce store country-specific easily and efficiently.

Key Attractions

> Build a Target Market - Create or expand your customer base
> Cost Effective Language Translator - Multilingual supported store solution at reasonable rates
> Enhance sales - Expand business by availing enhanced sales
> Lead the competition - Get high popularity by offering quality store solution
> Customer-focused eCommerce store development - Store solution, given customers' requirements
> Search engine optimization - Well optimized for better search engine visibility
> Outreach global market - Make your eCommerce business international

Any eCommerce websites utilizing personalized selling concept coupled with multilingual feature can ultimately generate more revenue.

A reliable and comprehensive eCommerce store supporting multiple languages aims to serve across the globe. Let your business gain extra mileage with inevitable feature that discards the language barrier and brings unbeatable success.

How to Make Ecommerce Product Descriptions More Attractive?

28 July 2017 - 09:18 AM

In the eCommerce era, only the websites suiting customers' requirements can survive in the competitive global landscape. We cannot decline the fact that the eCommerce market supports innovation and creativity. An extension that allows the admin or a store owner to upload multiple files of specific products is no less than an innovation. Isn't it an amazing solution that allows you to give a clearer picture of your products through distinct files like media or doc files supporting several file formats?


Are you seeking an extended customer base for your eCommerce business? Do you want to make the product display attractive and enticing? Online store with attractive storefront generates more revenue as compared to the stores with limited information about the products retailed.

It's time to know your customers and understand what they expect. Fulfill their requirements and check the popularity your store gains.

How Advanced Product File Upload can Boost Sales?

Magento does not actually allow uploading the product files. Advance product file upload is the extension that can be integrated in the Magento website and allows the store owners to upload innumerous files like brochures, catalogs, user guides, videos, license agreement, guarantee etc. Online business owners can attract their customers by offering enhanced shopping experience, thus, this Magento extension helps them achieve their goals by displaying their products in various formats and with detailed information.

Key Attractions

Add multiple files containing detailed information about the products
Add files irrespective of its format and the product category
The store owner can also add product URL of precise file
Add multiple files in just one click
With a single CSV file, admin can add product files in bulk

What Benefits can Merchants (eCommerce business owners) Avail?

> Merchants can boost their store performance by making it more informative for their customers
> Its simple structure makes the file management process easy and efficient
> Biggest benefit is excellent ROI
> Utilize viral marketing for offering your brand a unique status
> Support Magento versions from 1.4 to 1.9.

What Benefits can Customers Avail?

> Read user manuals, installation guides, watch product related videos and know the product better
> Search files through quick search option and download in multiple file formats
> View the files before downloading it
Help your eCommerce store gain desired ROI with a powerful Magento solution holding several comprehensive features.

How MageMob POS Simplifies Order Management

26 July 2017 - 10:28 AM

Imagine a scenario that you are interacting with your customer and you are being asked to add some products to his order and you got to tell them that you need to check the stock prior to updating his order. Is this a feasible scenario for any store owner? Such opportunities should not be missed. Business owners in the manufacturing industry need an intuitive solution that helps them manage the customers and the inventory at the same time.

MageMob POS - A portable order management mobile app that can be accessed through iPad or Android tablets is the ultimate solution to increase the ROI. Manufacturing units may have several tasks to be accomplished within given timeline. The inventory management system must be strong and powerful to update the stock details and display the real-time information. Even the front end of the system i.e. the data displayed to the customers need to offer real-time information. It offers several benefits like improved customer relationship, enhanced sales, portability, customer retention etc.

All about Mobile POS

POS is the interface through which an order can be placed and anywhere and anytime as this overwhelming solution can be accessed through tablets working on either iOS or Android. The store owner can also cancel, edit, modify the orders placed or can also print the invoice generated. This portable solution can help the store owners to stay connected with their store 24*7.

How it Improves ROI

Enhanced Sales

Easy and seamless access of the solution increases the sales of the entire eCommerce store and generates desired revenue. Implementing a solution that simplifies the business processes offers ample benefits, which also includes improved sales.

Better Customer Relationship
Timely delivery of the products leaves a positive impact on the buyer-seller relationship. Even the customer services can be enhanced with quick response to customer queries and smooth functioning of the MageMob POS application all 365 days.

Customer Acquisition
This is a handy app that works efficiently in the tablet or iPads. It attracts customers as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Admin or the store owners have the clear idea about the real time stock of products for better store management.

User Friendly
This exclusive app for eCommerce store is quite user-friendly. It can easily be managed by the store owners as it does not require any intense technical knowhow. With simple navigation, this application can easily be organized according to the business requirements that can easily be managed by the online business owners.

Thus modern eCommerce businesses can benefit from this effective and portable application to simplify their business functioning and staying updated about their business anytime anywhere.