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What to Know About Magento 2 Migration?

26 April 2019 - 01:13 PM

MageAnts - Your Magento 2 Migration Service Provider


Being to the market for 7years, MageAnts offer you end-to-end anti magento 2 migration services to securely and safely migrate your e-commerce shop to the strong Magento platform. Our custom migration services can help you to attain new heights with a more innovative platform and its abundant features.

Magento two Migration method isn't straightforward and entails various vital aspects like safety to store critical data, downtime, and ease of access. But we are delighted to advise our Magento 2 Migration Service can make this process easy as you can without any ant difficulty in your existing platform.
Following are a few of the advantages of the Magento two updates. We'd like you to take a look at several of the advantages and begin thinking to utilize the innovative technologies together with a suitable back up to seamlessly migrate your shop to the highly customizable and highly scalable anti platform.
High safety with enhanced site functionality.
Attractive UI Design with responsive graphics and default motif structures.
Responsive, revamped and effortless Admin panel with customized attributes.
Highly Scalable and gives great flexibility through apparatus & platform compatibility.
Magento two migration extensions using innovative features like quicker load time, lower infrastructure expenses, etc..
Optimized codes of premium quality.
Quicker and effortless setup with built-in aid.
Below are a Few of the pointers which we take into Account during Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration:
Data migration: Vital area of the migration procedure by Magento 1 to Magento 2 is encrypting information securely and safely for which MageAnts help move store configurations, SEO installation, your customers and goods, revenue data and site content.
Design migration: you need to decide on a new store motif for the e-store as Magento 1 topics aren't compatible with Magento two. MageAnts help you construct a brand new one from scratch and helps in customize an present theme to encourage Magento 2.
Extensions: Together with all the topics, there are plenty of extensions of Magento 1 which aren't encouraged in Magento two as yet. In instances like this, we'll customize the extensions or encourage your site we could even create a few.
Customizations: To encourage the innovative features of Magento two, our staff might need to customize several functionalities into your site if they aren't compatible with Magento two for which group might want to carry out some re-coding in order for your brand new site supports the attributes.
We help to solve this and make sure that everything works flawlessly in your Magento two shop.
Website testing: On completion of the migration process, the staff will examine the website out of each facet of your Magento two web shop and guarantees that there aren't any bugs or mistakes on the new shop. Our proficiency in applications testing helps to create the migration procedure easy.
Some of the fundamental steps MageAnts follow to get Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data Migration:
Proceed through your present site: We examine your website and have a peek at all of the present codes and extensions. After all of the analysis we determine of which are necessary for the new shop and determine the areas that require changes and alterations.
Plan potential: If you've got a growing and successful company, then scalability of the website is among the key element to think about. It is the ideal time to decide on this and talk with us for additional information.
Construct and test: Important procedure for Magento two migration that entails different elements which have the Magento two setup and its own configurations with similar topology and layout to the Magento 1 shop.
Migration Procedure: All of the Magento 1 actions will be ceased, but for the purchase management functions and information migration is initiated out of a duplicated Magento 1 database case.
Proceed: Last but not least at which we examine the recently created website to make sure the appropriate performance of Magento two and be certain there aren't any bugs and mistakes before making it live.

Magento 2 Product Labels

11 March 2019 - 10:32 AM

MageAnts Offer Magento 2 Product Labels


Product label is a key factor for any retailers as well as customers to sell or buy any product. Product label describes about price, brand, size, colour, ect. Magento 2 Product Labels extension has come up with something unique and creative with product label. With this extension retailers can add attractive labels and can describe uniqueness of the product. With Magento 2 extension you can make  your product label better and effective to attract the customers attention to provide them product information, I go, manufacturing date, expiry date, ect. Product label is such a small thing but an important option of providing every minute description about the product to the buyer and you can make it more interesting, effective, with the use of Magento 2 product label extension. 


  • A complete product label label allows the customers to have full description of product. 
  • It gets easier for the customer to identify the product brand. 
  • With Magento 2 you can design your favourite product label that will allow you to add your reliable information to the product. 
  • A plenty of designed label templates can be made with Magento 2 product label extension to grab your customers. 
  • You can enable or disable any label as per your requirements. 
  • You can customize different label for your different type of products to attract your customers. 
  • Customers can read full disclosure of the product and can get detailed information about the product. And can take quick decision to buy the product. 

Magento 2 Product Labels

11 March 2019 - 10:29 AM

MageAnts offer magento 2 product labels

FREE Magento 2 Delete Orders Extension

20 February 2019 - 11:08 AM

Add the much-needed feature to your e-com website which is missing from the default Magento using this magento 2 delete orders extension. Delete the unwanted and unnecessary orders from the website’s admin panel.
Key Features
  • Delete the old and unwanted orders from your website’s admin panel.
  • Make your website more organized and manage the important orders efficiently.
  • Delete multiple orders at a time with this extension.
  • Make the default admin panel of your website a feature-rich one.
  • Add some custom features to the extension if required.

Content Credit by MageAnts Delete Orders for Magento 2