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#22988 Expand your Business with the Google Shopping Feed Integration Module

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 09 August 2022 - 09:31 AM

Knowband is an efficient solution if you're planning to list your products on Google Shopping ads. Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords are the two platforms that power the Google Shopping advertisements. Google Merchant Center: Google Merchant Center is where the product fees are posted. The campaigns for the advertising are produced in Google AdWords. In Google AdWords, the budget is fixed and monitored.




Prestashop Google Shopping Integration


The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon can make the store integration and feed synchronisation process simpler for Prestashop store owners. The entire feed upload, product listing, and inventory management procedure is automated by Prestashop Google Shopping API integration.

The Addon store is where you can purchase the Prestashop Google Shopping integrator.


The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration add-on from Knowband has the following features:

  1. Prestashop the Google Shopping integrator provides real-time synchronisation and cuts down on the time needed for manual product feed.
  2. The Google Shopping Prestashop integrator can assist the admin schedule the feed upload.
  3. The Prestashop Google Shopping Integration extension enables for mass product uploads using profile-based listings.
  4. The Google Shopping Prestashop integrator makes it simple to sync any change in product pricing or inventory with Google Merchant Center.
  5. An easy-to-use interface for attribute and category mapping is provided by the Google Shopping Prestashop Integration plugin.
  6. The admin has the possibility to add an unlimited number of shipping ways thanks to the Prestashop Google Shopping integration module.
  7. The entire process of synchronising order status and product feeds is automated by the cron job provided by the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed synchronisation extension.
  8. The audit log enables the administrator to monitor the numerous tasks being carried out by the Prestashop Google Shopping Feed Integration Module.


OpenCart Google Shopping Integration



By offering a top-notch product feed, the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration improves the speed of your OpenCart store. You can target the right demographics with relevant product adverts thanks to it as well. In actuality, Google Shopping enables online stores to show product photos and prices at the top of search results. AdWords and Google Merchant Center are the two services that power Google Shopping. The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Module offers store owners an amazing and complete connection option. Additionally, they need to market and showcase their goods on the Google Shopping website. The most effective OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Extension offers a straightforward option. You can also advertise your products using Google Shopping. Bring in a sizable number of new, targeted customers to your online store as well.


Benefits of the OpenCart Google Shopping Feed

  • The OpenCart Google Shopping Integration Plugin supports a variety of placeholders. Items that are unavailable or haven't been pre-priced may be rejected by the store owner. Everything that the store owner needs to upload to Google Shopping from the OpenCart Store may be seen in the module's Product listing sections.
  • The Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart tab allows the business owner to select a schedule.
  • Using this Google Shopping Feed for OpenCart functionality, store owners can remove their products from the product listing page.
  • Additionally, store owners can reactivate disabled products at a later time if necessary.
  • The administrator can easily link the attributes of the store to those of Google thanks to the Google Shopping synchronisation in OpenCart.
  • The admin can choose the nation and language for feed synchronisation.
  • Using the OpenCart Google Shopping Integration, retailers can quickly provide high-quality traffic to their websites.


Magento 2 Google Shopping Extension


Google Shopping is an online store that displays products to customers based on their search terms. Along with displaying the products, Google Shopping also provides connections to the primary seller's website. The manager of the Google Shopping platform has a million customers to serve each day. The Google Shopping service enables the company owner to attract new customers and improve ties with current ones. Every time a user executes a search query using Google Shopping, owners may effortlessly show products and product data. Google Shopping supports the growth of a brand and drives traffic to a store. Prospective buyers can compare products from multiple brands using Google Shopping. Thanks to Google Merchant Center, customers from all around the world may access products and product information. The shop administrator adds the product feeds to Google Merchant Center. The organised product information that makes up the product feeds. Store owners may quickly submit feeds with the help of Knowband's Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration extension, greatly simplifying the listing and management procedure. The fastest method for synchronising Google Merchant Center products is using the connector module.


Salient Features of Magento 2 Google Shopping Feed Integration 

 Using the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration Extension, the business owner can map the entire Magento 2 category to the Google Shopping Category.

 The Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2 allows vendors to simply convert Google's language to the language of their online shop.

 Using the Magento 2 Google Shopping Integration Module, the store's owner can upload a list of products to Google Shopping from the store's backend.

 The store administrator may exclude items that are out of stock and those that are priced below a predetermined range.

 Store managers may save a lot of time and effort with Google Shopping Feed for Magento 2.


WooCommerce Google Shopping Feed


One of the most well-liked marketplace platforms for retailers trying to grow their businesses is Google Shopping. In fact, customers can search through the ads and contrast them with others to locate the ideal products. Make your purchase straight on the retailer's website as well. Use the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Extension to swiftly connect your eCommerce store to Google. Installing and configuring the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integration Module is easy. The admin will be able to use the integration to automate the listing process after the setting is finished. Owners of online stores can use the module to have their products show up in Google search results. You'll also need to generate API keys in order to integrate the Module.


Wrap Up!

It's simple to manage the Google Shopping store listings from the backend once you've set them up. Last Words Free installation and configuration services are offered by Knowband. Furthermore, feel free to contact support at support@knowband.com if you have any questions or would need additional information about the Google Shopping Feed Integration Module.

#22855 Advice on Creating an Eye-Catching PrestaShop Progressive Web App?

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 14 July 2022 - 02:11 PM

Prestashop is one of the most amazing and commonly used eCommerce platforms in the world. In a short period, the store administrator can easily create an eCommerce mobile app.


The PrestaShop PWA App Builder is made using modern technology, which is essential to improve the business-standard. Every business owner should use its expanding features to grow especially in this competitive market.

The PrestaShop PWA App Creator by Knowband consists of cutting-edge technology that has transformed eCommerce websites into Progressive Web Apps (PWA). Moreover, the module makes it simple for eCommerce store owners to get their hands on a full-featured PWA mobile app for their business. 


PrestaShop PWA Mobile App is designed and launched with minimal coding. Moreover, the mobile app is within the reach of every business owner, regardless of their background or financial resources.



How Does the Prestashop Pwa App Maker Work?



eCommerce business owners don't need to deal with the issue of the Google Play or Apple Store. The store manager just has to upload the app on their eCommerce website and allow users to directly download it from there. The website will show the popup "Add PWA To Home Screen" in front of online visitors. So, whenever the user accesses your eCommerce website from their mobile device, they can easily install the mobile app. Furthermore, the PrestaShop Progressive Web App allows customers to browse or purchase products and takes very little storage space on their smartphones.


This blog post consists of a few features that are advised to have before launching the PrestaShop Progressive Web App.


Easily Customizable


The admin interface of the PWA Mobile App allows the store manager to customize and design the app's dynamic home screen layout. The Knowband PrestaShop PWA App Maker provides no limitations on what the store admin can do in terms of creating a custom look and feel for native Android and iOS apps.


Multilingual & Currency Support


The PrestaShop eCommerce PWA App is available in a variety of languages or currencies, which allows the store merchant to target a wider market. RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian are also supported by the module backend. 


Push Notifications


The Knowband PrestaShop PWA App Builder makes it simple for the store admin to send promotional and marketing push alerts to mobile app users. The module admin panel also allows the eCommerce merchant to configure the push notifications in any way desired.


One Step Login and Checkout


Customers can easily log in and sign up on the PWA for PrestaShop because of the availability of Google and Facebook login options. Users can get into the shopping app by using the one-click login feature. Moreover, the Progressive web app provides a simple checkout procedure that makes the transaction process smooth and convenient. 


Lightweight and Faster


Faster loading and better performance are two main features required by every marketer. It is one of the most important benefits of the PWA for PrestaShop. The PWA mobile app has browser-based features and capabilities, which assure that the customers do not experience any crashes.


Offline Browsing


The Knowband PrestaShop PWA Mobile App consists of an offline mode feature. This means that even if users don't have an internet connection, they can still access the app and utilize it.


All Payment and Shipping Methods


The PrestaShop PWA App Builder allows users to select from a variety of payment and delivery options in the eCommerce mobile app. Moreover, the Knowband module supports all of the payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website. 


Live Chat Support


The online visitors can communicate with the store admin via Zopim and WhatsApp's 24*7 chat support and get immediate assistance. Additionally, this feature allows users to express their questions and concerns about the transaction, products, queries, and issues to the online merchant. 




It is important to note that launching the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App isn't difficult at this point. Everything you require is to get up and search for a PrestaShop PWA App Builder according to your requirements. It consists of all of the important features required to launch the shopping app. So, connect with us at support@knowband.com right now and get your progressive web app up and running. 

#22771 Top eCommerce Platforms you can integrate with Etsy Marketplace

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 30 June 2022 - 06:16 AM

Today, we are going to talk about the platforms you can connect with Etsy Marketplace for multi-platform selling. If you are an eCommerce merchant selling your inventory from your online shop, this article could be helpful for you. One strategy that might assist online businesses in expanding their reach is the online marketplace. With changing customer behavior and growing technology, it is critical for all merchants to offer their items through these popular channels.


Starting with the question how you can connect your online shop with Etsy like Marketplace? Knowband offers Etsy Marketplace integrators for Prestashop, OpenCart, Magento2, and WooCommerce-like platforms in order to assist merchants with the easy listing and inventory management process. Knowband developed the Marketplace connector plugin to make the multi-platform selling real. Sellers can utilize this smart solution to quickly get started selling on the Etsy store. You can list all of the available inventory on the Marketplace with the help of the Knowband Etsy Marketplace Integration extension. Moreover, you can manage your listing directly from your eCommerce store admin panel and the changes made from the store admin panel will directly reflect on the Marketplace. The Etsy Integration's main benefit is that it eliminates the need for manual product listing via a csv file, allowing the business admin to easily submit products in bulk to the marketplace. Knowband has the best price for this integration module, as well as a three-month free service duration.




Benefits of marketplace integration module in the following ways:

  • With the bulk uploading feature, you may list products quickly and easily.
  • The eCommerce store attributes and categories are mapped to their corresponding marketplace attributes and categories.
  • Product inventory management is effortless.
  • Order management in the marketplace is effective.
  • Let's talk about the platforms you can integrate with Etsy with the Knowband's Marketplace connector module.

OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin:




Knowband offers the Etsy Marketplace connector for the OpenCart store owners. If you have your OpenCart store and are willing to multi-selling you can refer to the OpenCart Marketplace connector Extension.

As an OpenCart eCommerce admin, you can grab all the amazing features provided by Knowband Marketplace API Integration Addon and start selling today. Have a look around the amazing features of the OpenCart Etsy Marketplace connector.

Etsy Integration Plugin offers the OpenCart merchants to list their products on a different increased/decreased price from their OpenCart store. The admins can sell the same product at different prices to a variety of marketplace customers.


PrestaShop Etsy Connector:



Etsy Marketplace Connector plugin is also available for the PrestaShop store admins. PrestaShop merchants can sell to customers worldwide from their store with the Knowband PrestaShop Marketplace Connector. The Knowband PrestaShop Etsy API integrator is based on the latest API technologies which make the listing smooth and perform the task within no time. PrestaShop merchants can keep track of order status and various shipping methods for every category profile. Furthermore, the connector module offers the PrestaShop admins the to choose a different currency for every shipping template. In simple words it allows the merchants to list their products will price attributes. The Etsy PrestaShop connector offers the PrestaShop merchants to choose different pricing for every country so that customers around the globe can easily explore the listed inventory.


Magento 2 Etsy API Integration:




Knowband Etsy Marketplace API connector is also available for the Magento and Magento 2 customers. The Magento owners can enjoy the multi-platform selling with single admin panel control. Knowband Marketplace Magento 2 connector offers the store merchants to manage the inventory listed on Etsy from the Magento admin panel. You can even hit the exclude out-of-stock products and the products which do not have UPC and the products which become out of stock on the Magento store and without UPC will be automatically removed from Etsy Marketplace.


WooCommerce Etsy Integration Plugin:


Knowband WooCommerce Etsy connector plugin is also offering services to the WooCommerce merchants. 7000+ WooCommerce merchants are already using the Etsy connector Extension developed by Knowband and happily witnessing the boosted sales.

The Marketplace connector addon automated pre-loaded Cron jobs set-up. As a WooCommerce shop owner, you can manage the Etsy connector with zero coding skills. Moreover, the addon offers automated stock synchronization which means either the products get sold by your WooCommerce store or from the Etsy marketplace, the available stock will be automatically updated. You may automatically synchronise your data with the Knowband Etsy Marketplace integrator plugin, which comes with all the capabilities you need to display your products on Etsy.



Knowband is the leading eCommerce plugin selling industry for the last 10 years. We have sold more than 46000+ plugins in this beautiful journey with our precious eCommerce merchants. The Knowband has developed the Etsy Marketplace connector to make the selling possible directly from your admin panel. As an eCommerce merchant, it always sounds awesome to sell everywhere where you can reach your customers. We have developed the Etsy connector to make it happen in the easiest ways.

Get your free demo today.For more information about the Marketplace integrator plugin and queries please find us at support@knowband.com.

#22105 How Easy Is It to Launch a PrestaShop Progressive Web App?

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 17 January 2022 - 03:05 PM

Nowadays mobile phones are even more useful than TVs, newspapers, and even desktop websites. Only 48% of people used their laptops or pcs to shop for something online, according to a report by Statista. It shows the importance of mobile apps in increasing user engagement. Having an eCommerce website that runs flawlessly on mobile phones gives a lot of benefits to the marketers who run an online store. When you use automated modules to build and launch Prestashop Progressive Web App, this can be a big help because it does not require any kind of technical knowledge. Prestashop Pwa Mobile App by knowband works seamlessly on multi-device apps that work like native apps. You can download and install Prestashop Ecommerce Pwa App right from your eCommerce mobile website.
What Are Prestashop Pwa App Builder?
The Pwa for Prestashop also doesn't have to be launched on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. It only takes a second to visit a mobile website like this to be able to install the PWA by clicking the "add to home screen" pop-up. The Prestashop Pwa App Builder looks and works just like any other mobile app on users' phones. The Prestashop Pwa App Maker is very light, so they load faster than native apps. With the help of the Prestashop Pwa App Creatormodule, it is much easier to build and launch a mobile app than it used to be.
Ways to Launch Prestashop Pwa App Builder -
The Prestashop Pwa App creator makes it easier to launch a progressive web app on eCommerce stores because it does all of the work for you.
1: Visit Knowband's website and buy an extension.
2: Share your PrestaShop admin and FTP credentials.
3: Have a look at the test version of the PWA and launch it on your eCommerce website.
1. The Best Choice for Businesses.
Prestashop Pwa App Maker makes a lot more sense if we look at some of the biggest brand names in e-commerce. We can see how they are using it and effectively generating revenue out of it. The Prestashop progressive web app can help in generating sales from the customers who use their phones right away.
2: Targeting a Larger Audience
The Prestashop Pwa App Creator works with all versions of Android and iOS, which makes it a great choice for eCommerce stores. It can be used to reach both global and local mobile users with the same app. Users will be able to launch the progressive web app whenever they want to buy something. It will work just like a normal app.
3. Reduced Development Time and Costs -
The owner of an eCommerce store has to spend a lot of money and time to create Native apps. Getting an app on Google Play and the Apple App Store can also be a lot of work. Especially for non-technical business owners. The Prestashop eCommerce PWA App is very important in this case and helps a lot. When you open the store URL in a mobile browser, you can directly get to the PWA app for your mobile phone.
When you use the Prestashop Pwa Mobile App, you can move forward to a brighter tomorrow. People who are competing with you have already switched to the progressive web app and are taking advantage of it. Now is the best time to turn your PrestaShop store into a mobile app. Shopping should be easier and more fun with features like faster performance, offline functionality, push notifications, SEO, etc. Wait no more and start giving your business a boost right away. 

#21925 The Importance of Progressive Web App In The eCommerce Business

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 29 September 2021 - 10:57 AM

It is important to deliver the best class shopping experience to your customers. In order to do so, the store admin must understand what is best for his customers. The eCommerce merchant can understand it by putting his efforts into first analyzing or determining the customer behavior. It is always an important aspect to consider how a customer feels and behaves. Because customer satisfaction and happiness matter a lot and pay off the hard work, time, money, resources, and efforts of the store admin. So to achieve this every eCommerce business should practice consumer behavior. 


So we can now analyze how customer behavior can help in developing the strategies for the eCommerce business. And Progressive Web App is there to help you out with the strategies. The PWA Mobile App is helpful in providing an app-like experience to the customer. It doesn’t require the customers to download the mobile app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It can also run seamlessly on your smartphones when having poor internet connectivity. Progressive web app is available for different eCommerce platforms such as PrestaShop and OpenCart.


PWA for eCommerce Impact On The eCommerce Store-

The eCommerce PWA Mobile App analyzes the amount and the average time of site visit, bounce rate, checkout, and conversions rates, page views, etc., It is all focused on the consumer's behavior and eCommerce store growth. In addition to the analysis, an eCommerce app must have a number of features some of them are written below-


1. Simple Branding Solution-

If the customer already knows the value of your brand, they would most likely buy from it. The brands that are already famous are more reliable to customers. The eCommerce Progressive Web App can be launched using the company's brand, logo, splash screen, home screen style, and so on. 


2. Easy Installation-

Customers can find it a bit annoying when visiting third-party applications such as Google Play Store and the Apple App Store to download the shopping app. Many times, because of the limited storage, a consumer is not able to download the eCommerce app. The PWA Mobile App Builder lets customers download the PWA app directly from the mobile browser's store URL. By clicking on the popup "Add to the home screen," users can quickly install the Progressive Web app on their device home screen


3. Home Screen Layout Customization-

Creating and modifying the mobile phone layout screen regularly with the eCommerce PWA Mobile App Builder is no difficult task now. The store admin can add several layouts and personalize them without a technical issue and change the entire look of the Progressive Web app. The configuration can be conveniently done by accessing the backend panel of the extension. 


4. Easy Social Login-

For the store admin, it is really important to provide a quick login and registration option to customers. Customers using the online shopping app prefer a simple login and registration option. The Progressive Web App Builder helps users to access the social and e-mail login/registration options with a single click. The store admin will enable social login options such as Facebook and Google to reduce the bounce rate.


5. All Language Support -

Each eCommerce business wishes to earn more money by targeting a wide variety of consumers. The target customers might be comfortable with different languages, and the development of progressive web apps for a specific language is a very difficult challenge. The best approach is to integrate the Progressive‌ ‌Web‌ ‌App‌ ‌Maker‌ in the eCommerce store. It supports all the eCommerce websites' languages and currencies, including the RTL.


6. Payment And Shipping Method-

The payment and shipping options have a significant effect on consumer comfort. It is therefore essential for the store admin that all payment and shipping options available on the eCommerce website will be provided on the eCommerce app. This is possible with the Progressive Web App Maker. This makes it easy and convenient for consumers to perform purchases with easy payment and shipping options.


7. Easy Checkout -

To have a smooth checkout process the store admin will need to enable a quick checkout option. Users generally don't want to place or fill in unrequired self-information. The Progressive Web App Creator provides a simple transaction checkout option. This feature allows users to complete the checkout process easier.


8. Automatic Inventory Update- 

This option enables the shop admin to synchronize the eCommerce website with the Progressive Web App. All the changes done in the eCommerce store inventory will be reflected automatically on the mobile app. 


9. Push Notification-

The store admin will use push notification functionality to regularly give update about the latest eCommerce offer and discounts to the customers. The store admin can send the push notification manually and automatically. The PWA Mobile App can send push notifications when customers are not using the mobile phone. 


10. Offline Access-

Many consumers can deal with internet connectivity problems when they use the eCommerce app. This problem can be avoided by the eCommerce PWA Mobile App. In case of a slow or no internet connection, the shopping app displays the pre-loaded screen in front of users and gives them a seamless shopping experience. 


Conclusion -

So After reading this blog you can now understand that if the store admin wants to deliver a rich and faster experience to the users. Then the store admin must opt for PWA Mobile App Builder. It is surely going to give you an advantage because of its features and benefits. Send us an email at support@knowband.com to know more about it. 


For further information related the PrestaShop PWA Mobile App, please refer to the User Manual.

#20562 PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Connector Module by Knowband

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 01 March 2021 - 07:53 AM

Knowband PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace connector offers the store owner an interface to sell the goods at the Etsy Marketplace. PrestaShop Etsy shop integrator store owners can save lots of time in reducing the manual listing time. Using the Etsy Integrator module, store owners can manage the inventories and orders of Etsy Marketplace from the backend of the PrestaShop stores. PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration allows the store owner to create the brand awareness regarding their store and products/services at a large platform. PrestaShop Etsy connector addon allows the store owner to connect the two stores i.e Etsy shop and PrestaShop Store easily. All the Orders received at the Etsy Marketplace can be easily synced from the Etsy shop to the admin panel of the PrestaShop store. Store owner can update the Etsy shop order status from the backend of PrestaShop shop.




Features offered by the PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integrator module

  1. PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integrator offers an effortless installation and configuration Process.
  2. PrestaShop Etsy Connector doesn’t require any coding skill or knowledge of the store admin
  3. PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integrator allows the store owners to list the products in bulk.
  4. The PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration addon offers multi-lingual compatibility.
  5. PrestaShop Etsy Connector allows the admin to set the number of item synced on each cron run.
  6. PrestaShop Etsy Shop Connector allows the admin to map the attributes of the PrestaShop store with Etsy shop.
  7. PrestaShop Etsy store Integration adddon enable the admin to add multiple profiles. Profile section allows the admin to add or fill multiple product details from the admin panel of the store.
  8. PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration addon enable the store admin to add multiple shipping templates. Shipping templates created by store admin at the PrestaShop shop can sync at the Etsy Shop.
  9. PrestaShopEtsy Marketplace allows the store admin to sync different price at the Etsy shop. Admin can sell the product at Etsy shop by increasing or decreasing the actual price. 
  10. Store owner can add multiple sections from the backend of PrestaShop store. While creating a profile, store owners can map the respective shop with the PrestaShop Profile.
  11. Using the order synchronization of Etsy Marketplace Integrator, store admin can sync orders from Etsy to PrestaShop store.
  12. Orders updated by the store owner from the backend of the PrestaShop shop can be synced back at the Etsy Marketplace by running the Update order status cron.

To know in detail about the configuration, working and other features of the PrestaShop Etsy store Integrator addon, please refer to the User Manual.


Watch how it works


In case of any query or support, feel free to contact us at support@Knowband.com

#20377 Prestashop Website Decoration Effects Extension by Knowband

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 19 January 2021 - 06:13 AM

Knowband offers Prestashop Website Decoration Effects addon which lets the eCommerce merchants add decoration effects on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day and others. Prestashop online store effects help the admin in grabbing customers attention with no added time and efforts. Advance Prestashop Christmas Effects improves the user experience easily as every user wants to visit a colorful and beautiful looking website. The snowy, flurry effect created using website decoration module can bring potential customers to your store. What features and benefits does this module offer to you? Have a look below.

Striking Benefits of Prestashop Website Decoration Effects Extension:

1. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects plugin offers zero hassles while enabling and disabling the functionality for different occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine and many others.
2. Admin can activate/deactivate Prestashop Website Decoration Effects addon functionality for mobile devices only.
3. Admin can select any snow effect type for their site with the help of Prestashop Website Decoration Effects extension.
4. This Knowband's Advance Prestashop Christmas Effects module allows you to select maximum display frequency of the snowflake effect.
5. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects addon gives an option to choose the desired color for the snowflakes using color picker tool.
6. Admin can select the pages they want to implement occasional transitions and effects using Advance Prestashop Christmas Effects module.
7. Prestashop online store effects addon also lets you set the minimum and maximum size of Snow Flurry Flake that will be displayed to the user.
8. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects module is functionality-rich and fully customizable from the back interface.
9. Prestashop Snow Flurry effect addon works with multi-stores and SSL compatible websites.
10. The Prestashop admin can choose the character to be replicated for special decoration effect using Prestashop Website Decoration Effects extension by Knowband.
11. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects module allows you to set the Snow Flurry Height from the admin panel.

Benefits of Prestashop Website Decoration Effects module for sellers:

1. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects plugin provides an intuitive yet effortless way to enrich your website with special snowflake effects.
2. Prestashop Website Decoration Effects extension requires no technical knowledge to install and configure.
3. Prestashop online store effects can be added to the chosen pages of the site .
4. Prestashop Snow Flurry effect addon improves website UI and thus helps you achieve high user engagement levels especially on various occasions.



#20355 Prestashop hyperlocal Marketplace

Posted by Knowband Plugins on 12 January 2021 - 10:40 AM

Knowbands Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Marketplace, offers the simplest way to connect customers with the local stores. Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace allows customers to connect with local sellers. Sellers are required to list their delivery locations in the marketplace. Customers while buying can easily enter their location and check whether the product is available in their locations. All the products listed by the sellers at the Marketplace can be easily managed by the store admin from the backend. Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model enables the admin to charge commission per sale. Sellers listed at the Marketplace will get the opportunity to promote their sale and business.



Steps to build a Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace are as under:


lBuy the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace from the Knowband store.

lUpload the module in the backend, Module Manager.

lOnce the file is uploaded completed, a notification of module installed successfully will be displayed.


Main benefits of the Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace are as under:


1. No coding or technical knowledge of store owner is required to upgrade the online store into a Hyperlocal service Marketplace.

2. Sellers Ship area requests can be easily approved/ rejected by the store admin.

3. Store owners have the privilege to add multiple shipping areas on the behalf of sellers. Store owners can use CSV files to upload multiple shipping areas.

4. Custom fields for sellers profiles can be easily added by store owners.

5. Store owner has the access to approve/ reject the seller profile request.

6. Prestashop Hyperlocal Service Marketplace owner can add and remove the products, seller account request and categories from the admin panel.

7. Each seller is assigned categories to keep their products. Sellers in Hyperlocal Marketplace can send the admin a new category request.

8. Store admin can create multiple membership plans for the Marketplace. Membership plan will define the product validity and number of products sellers can list.

Prestashop Hyperlocal Marketplace module is compatible with Hyperlocal Delivery mobile app. To know in depth about the Hyperlocal Marketplace for Prestashop , refer to the Hyperlocal Service Marketplace User Guide.


For any query or discussion about the Prestashop Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model, contact us at support@Knowband.com