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Best Methods to Check Your Running Magento 2 Version

20 August 2020 - 11:34 AM

There are multiple methods to check your installed Magento 2 version, some of them are as follow:
1. Through Composer.json file
- Log in to your store using FTP/SSH and navigate to the root.
- Open composer.json file.
Some other methods are:
2. By using “magento_version” in the URL
3. By using Magento Admin Panel
4. By using Command Line
For more information, please visit this step by step tutorial to check your currently installed Magento 2 Version.

How to Check Magento 2 URL Rewrite Record?

10 January 2020 - 06:31 AM

To check Magento 2 URL Rewrite Record.


Go to Admin Panel > Marketing  >  URL Rewrites

It will display a table with all details.


Checkout the Complete Article on Magento 2 URL Rewrite Here - https://www.fmeexten...2-url-rewrites/

Magento 2 Customer Group Pricing - FMEextensions

31 December 2019 - 09:51 AM

With Magento 2 Customer Group Pricing you can set special price for Customer on Products and Categories.  You can remove the default price and set your own discount prices for quantity ranges to motivate customers to buy from your Store. You can utilize the following options for Price tier.

  • Create Multiple Quantity Ranges
  • Set Prices of each range
  • Apply this to specific customers or customer groups


Powerful Key Features

  1. Create Multiple Rules to Adjust Price by Customer Groups
  2. Option to Adjust Price Per Customer
  3. Adjust Prices of Entire Catalog or Specific Products
  4. Option to Increase or Office Discount on Prices
  5. Limit Min & Max Order Quantity
  6. Add Different Discounts for Quantity Ranges

More Features

45 Days Money Back
Free Lifetime Upgrade & Support
Developed by Magento Certified Developers
Verified by Market Place

How to Add Buy Now Button in Magento 2?

30 December 2019 - 07:50 AM



You can install this extension Buy Now Button for Magento 2 by FME. By using this extension you can increase your Store Sales up-to 50%. The extension allows you to add “Buy Now” button with each specific Products and make Checkout Process easy to Customers.

Customize the Buy Now button Color, Background and Text as per your need.


More Features


  1. Add Custom ‘Buy Now’ buttons to share
  2. Manage Multiple ‘Buy Now’ buttons as CTA
  3. Display ‘Buy Now’ option on Selected Products
  4. Restrict by particular groups, store views
  5. Try various personalization options


  • 45 days money back
  • FREE lifetime support
  • FREE lifetime upgrades
  • Developed by Magento certified developers
  • Verified by Market Place
  • Easy to install
  • Responsive Design
  • 100% Open Source

  Live Demo 

Magento 2 System Requirements - what are the prerequisites for Magento 2 installation?

18 December 2019 - 11:30 AM

We wrote a complete & definitive guide about Magento 2 System Requirements, Visit the given link to read the complete guide about Magento 2 System Requirements.