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Frequently Asked Questions about Products - FAQ

23 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

Receive and answer your customer inquiries and display the questions/answers on the product sheets. Frequently asked questions - FAQ Customers can ask questions about products Thanks to our module, customers can now ask questions about your products directly from the corresponding product sheets (every question/answer is specific to a product, each product has its own questions/answers, as on Amazon.com website). The module adds a new section to each product sheet with the existing questions/answers and a form that allows customers to send their questions (pop-up window with the following fields?: "Name", "Email", "City", "State/Country" and "Question"). You can easily answer their questions When a customer asks a question about as product, you automatically receive an email that informs you of the question you have received. From the module interface, you can read all the questions sent by your customers, answer their questions, modify their questions (correct their mistakes) and choose to enable or disable the questions of your choice (visible or not on the frontend). The questions sent by your customers are disabled by default on the frontend as long as you haven't enabled them to avoid displaying questions without answers, spam or inappropriate questions. The questions/answers are visible by all the customers Each customer who have asked a question automatically receive a personal email with the answer to his/her question. Then, all the other customers could read from each product sheet all the questions/answers that have been written about that product in order to help them in their buying decision and avoid that they ask for something that have been already asked in the past by another customer. Very useful to reassure your customers and answer their questions about a product, helps to increase your conversion rate. Compatible with multistore The module is compatible with PrestaShop multistore and can be used on your different stores. If you have the same product on different stores, the questions/answers about this product will be common to all stores and visible on all of them. Info: The colour of the button and text in the frontend can be easily modified by editing the css file of the module. ? Video Customers can ask questions directly from each product sheet Every question/answer is specific to a product sheet, each product has its own questions/answers You will receive an email that informs you of each question sent by customers You can modify your customers' questions (in case of mistakes) You can show/hide the questions of your choice on the frontend You can easily answer the customer questions from the module interface The customer will receive a personal email with the answer to his/her question. All the customers will be able to read the questions/answers on the product sheets Compatible with multistore Compatible with all PrestaShop versions 1.5 and 1.6 PDF guide: www.lineagrafica.es/modp/lgconsultas/en/readme_en.pdf Technical support to help you in case of problems ? Customer Benefits The module gives the possibility to your customers to ask their questions they'd like about the products of your store and read all the existing answereds questions directly from the product sheets. This tool allows you to reassure your customers and help them in their buying decision, as well as avoiding that they leave your website to find additional information and make them come back to read the answer to their question.

Pickup Payment

23 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

Let your customers directly collect their purchase in your local store. Your customers save shipping costs and you benefit of more customer traffic in your local store. Compatible with?EU Legal. ? Let your customers directly collect their purchase in your local store. In the configutation you can define at which payment method the pickup in store is displayed. (recomended is "Pickup in Store"). If customer chooses the normal shipment, pickup in store will not be displayed. Moreover, the modules adds a new order status called "Ready for Pickup" to the order statuses. If you choose this method after the purchase, customer automatically gets a notification where to collect his purchase. In this email he can see the address and opening hours of your local store. To use this option, please fill in the appropriate fileds in the module configuration. Refer to the screenshots ?

Facebook Block - Like my Fanpage

23 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

Module for creating a side block with Facebook widget "Like my Fanpage". Customers can "Like" your page straight from the box and the widget is fully customizable in appearance and content. Equipped with Multilanguage support. ? Show a box to promote your Facebook page to get "Likes" and then new followers directly from your shop. ? Multi-Language Support. Both in BackOffice and FrontOffice. ? Texts and buttons will have the language of your choice: ? ? English ? ? French ? ? Italian ? ? German ? ? Spanish. ? Customizable in a lot of aspects: ?? - Dimensions ?? - Show / hide the header "Find us on Facebook" ?? - Show / hide the faces of users who follow your page ?? - Show / hide your posts ?? - The language of the widget ? Place the module wherever you want, on the left or right of your shop or on both columns ? The block will automatically incorporate the theme of your store, adopting the styles. ? Show a widget box to promote your Facebook fanpage ? Allows the "Like" straight from the box in question. ? Can be configured with a few clicks and it's fitted with a Preview to test the various options available ? Customizable appearance, functions and language ? Customer Benefits All buyers are now looking for a Facebook page reference for their purchases as a guarantee of reliability. Offer your customers a useful tool for your business.

Correos - Paquete Azul national

23 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

Returns the cost of the spanish Correos ?Paquete Azul? service based on the package weight (up to 20 kgs) and destination. This module asks correos and gets the most updated price for every order.? The costs for a ?Paquete Azul? Correos service can vary according the weight and destination.To obtain the cost is required to check the Correos website and fill a form. Additionally, the costs can vary in time without any notice making difficult to maintain the prices in PrestaShop.This module allows to obtain automatically in every moment the current costs to make a delivery using the weight and destination of the current customer shopping cart.Our service maintain updated in every moment the prices provided by Correos. Our module, can calculate in real time, the delivery costs for the customer from his shopping cart weight and destination without any limitation in the petitions number to our service, avoiding populate the table "Shipping locations and costs" of Prestashop.The module allows to price delivery costs in Spain and Balearic zones.It is possible to configure a fixed extra cost that can be used to represent the manipulation costs, transport to the Correos office, etc.? Customer Benefits ?Customers can know at any moment how much the costs for his delivery will be, depending on the current package weight up to 20 kgs (if they select the ?Paquete Azul? service)

Responsive Facebook Like Box Sliding Tab, Subscribe

23 November 2015 - 02:12 PM

? ?Responsive Facebook Like Box Module adds animation sliding tab with Like Button, Share Button and Form Get Subscribe to Free Email Updates on your store.?Also you can add widget without animation in different many positions. ? ?If you are looking for a quick and simple way to display a Facebook Like box, this is your module!?This module will help you increase the number of sales. Facebook like box is important part of social optimization, that's why a lot of?people use Facebook like box on their websites. It?s the simplest way to advertise your Facebook Page. ? ?"Like Button" - Let people share pages and content from your store back to their Facebook profile with one click, so all their friends can read them. ? ?"Share Button" - Allow people to share to Facebook, share with particular friends or with a group. Alternatively, they can share in a private message. ? ? So all visitors Facebook friends can see when visitor liked or shared you Facebook Page !!! You will get new users who will like your store on Facebook. Set your position Left Column or Right Column, Home Page, Top, Footer. Set your animation sliding tab: Left Column or Right Column. Change the color scheme (Dark / Light). Support ?Facebook Language (Select language with setting module). Show the header (Join us on Facebook). Show content of your Facebook page. Show profile pictures of your fans. Quick integration. Fully responsive 100%. Customer Benefits ?Your visitors can Like or Share the Page with one click, without needing to visit the Page and also they can see , who liked your store on Facebook.