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#9240 Ecommerce Product Design Tool: Why Switch from Flash to HTML5

Posted by Aldora on 16 July 2016 - 09:50 AM

Like recording tapes, flash is also a medium that needs a player to work and is on the verge of dying a slow death. And just like CD players and then digital players replaced tapes, HTML5 is now making flash obsolete. In 2010 Steve Jobs published letter promoting HTML5 as the future. Since then, it has become a hot subject among Web developers and designers. And last year Google announced that it will stop accepting ads made with Adobe Flash and will totally ban them from 2 January 2017. This means that all digital animations will then have to use HTML5 or be converted into video format.



This changing trend is also a wake up call for all Magento store owners who are still using flash based product design tool. It's high time you changed your product designer into a HTML5 based product designer for your Magento Store.

In this article we have compared flash and HTML5 and listed down three good reasons why you should use let go of flash and adopt HTML5

Mobile Hates Flash

With the launch of HTML5, mobile has emerged as one of the publishing world’s biggest advantages. Flash on the other hand is constrained to PCs – a market which, according to Gartner, saw a 10% decrease in shipments in 2013 compared 2012.

It is also well known that Flash is not good for many Android & iOS devices and laptops whereas HTML5 moves a step ahead in these areas. Flash consumes more power and is not compatible with a touch screen. Because of this, Adobe Flash causes a device to heat up. HTML5 on the other hand is compatible with touch screens and does not have any issues with any device.

In spite of Adobe's best efforts, Flash for Android devices never gave a seamless user experience. Many customers experienced choppy playback and in certain situations it absorbed battery life down. Beside PCs, there’s won’t be any room left for Flash and even in PCs, Windows 8 will have partial Flash support.

So the verdict is clear – the future belongs to mobile and mobile hates flash. And once mobile sets a trend, desktops will follow suit.

Semantic Structure of Interactive Video

While mobile is the most obvious advantage of HTML5 over Flash, there’s a characteristic that's part of HTML5 semantic structure which is just as important and particularly powerful for Interactive Videos based on HTML5. Through semantic structure of Interactive Video, you can develop projects using HTML5 that have various interconnected pieces that Web crawlers know how to recognize. But with Flash, you’re getting a black box that, when crawled, shows up as just a Flash video without any extra information. Flash is entirely closed container due to which Web crawlers and search engines can’t see inside of it.

Running on Different Platforms

On some platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X, Flash runs very slowly as it does not have access to Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) processing. GPU is performed on the CPU & this causes the application to slow down enormously. Other drawback of Flash is that in order to play a SWF file, you need to install Adobe Flash and so you have to ensure that the device and the operating system are attuned with Adobe Flash.

When it comes to running on Linux and Mac OS X, HTML5 outshines and it has been shown that HTML5 content excels Flash by running 58% faster.

HTML5 is the only application to dart across all mobile devices is replacing Flash, and firms that have long believed on Flash need to get on board. Those who still think Adobe Flash is the way to go ahead will likely be changing their tune in the near future. HTML5 is becoming more and more popular with various companies providing easy to use, interactive platforms to create presentations and websites that are wonderfully designed with least work on the user's end.

#7981 Deliver Products At Your Customer's Convenience - Know How

Posted by Aldora on 19 May 2016 - 06:58 AM

There are countless entrepreneurs, whose only aim is to have a business which allows them to live with a difference! eCommerce market tends to be amazingly booming to such aims. If you want to turn your online store into a huge business, then the only thing that one must think of is, start putting in the time and effort to uplift your online store.


eCommerce Stores With Certain Online Practices


eCommerce store owners specifically, big scale business owners find it tough to handle online orders from the back end. And that is why order delivery date tools have been introduced in the market to help streamline product orders management processes and save a lot of time and money of customers as well as store owners. Generally, such extension is found in Magento, developed with best programming practices and latest coding standards.


Online tools make it convenient to handle delivery dates both for admin and customers. To boost sales conversion rates, it becomes necessary to manage delivery dates of orders so that, your customers feel relaxed and good about your online service. Delivery time slots, of course a great pick when it comes to offering flexible or seasonal shipping.


However, with order deliveries, many things are attached to help buyers and keep them happy. Using such extensions, online store owners can make a remarkable shopping experience and checkout process! This plays an important role. Defining delivery times can make your buyers amazed and contended. To provide your buyers particular delivery certainty, can make them satisfied too.

Smart Gains From On-time Order Deliveries


With the help of Delivery Scheduler, your visitors can specify delivery time and days when they would like to receive the orders. Store owners can exclude particular days of delivery, time intervals with date! Moreover, delivery intervals can easily be set with minimal and maximal intervals, this can be shown to buyers.


Merchants can allow their customers to choose delivery time easily by sophisticated delivery dates. They can provide flexible delivery time options, effective management of number of orders per slot, delay time to deliveries and more. Thus, multiple delivery options are the most optimal for all customers these days. Customer services can be improved with convenient options.

#7405 A Beneficial Magento Extension For On-time Delivery Processes

Posted by Aldora on 16 April 2016 - 07:30 AM

In this fast paced world customers don’t want to wait for their ordered packages for long times. They want order delivered when they are at their premises rather than waiting for it or package being handed over to neighbors. In the current e-commerce scenario customer must stay satisfied to enhance store sales. To match the requirements of on time customer delivery, Delivery Date Scheduler extensions are a need of the hour for online store owners.




One such extension provided by Biztech is Magento Delivery Date Scheduler. Admin can add various delivery slots for the users to choose from. Admin have authority to enable/disable delivery time slots according to allowed delivery timings. Admin can charge for special Magento delivery time slot and same day delivery facilities. Admin can also disable whole day for delivery according to weekly day offs or special holidays.


Customers will be provided with calendar on checkout page with time slots available for the day & delivery charges for that. User can also select multiple timeslots for multiple product orders. User’s selected time and date of delivery will be displayed on the order page. Admin will also get notified user delivery details along with the calendar displaying number of orders for the day.


Why Businesses Should Go For Delivery Date Scheduler?


  • It provides flexible delivery options to your customers.
  • It defines delivery dates/time.
  • It helps improve business sales.
  • It provides a transparent delivery process.


Above are the key reasons to have such extension integrated to stores. Such extensions not only reduce abandonment but also make customers feel that they are important! Magento delivery time extension offers power to your customers which can help improve ROI of businesses. Also, it has changed the eCommerce landscape and aided all size businesses to attract more customers.

#7387 A Thoughtful Post Shipping Extension Built For Australia

Posted by Aldora on 15 April 2016 - 07:20 AM

Biztech has come up with an exciting Magento Australia Post Shipping Extension for online store owners of Australia who ship parcels to domestic & international market. In current scenario customers want multiple shipping options to get the product delivery.





For Example, if they have something important to be shipped they will choose any express parcel service. If they think they can wait for the parcel they’ll opt for regular delivery method. With Australia Post Shipping extension of Biztech, store owner can give multiple options to customers for choosing shipping method.


Here are key features to look out for in Magento Australia Post Extension:

  • Set handling fees

    Store owner can set handling fees for the order. It can be fixed or percentage based as per store requirements.


  • Set Multiple Services for Domestic & International Parcel & Letter

    Admin can add / delete multiple services for Parcels & Letters going to domestic areas of Australia or going to international areas out of Australia.


  • Manage On Delivery Signature & Extra Covers for Shipment

    Admin can enable / disable signature for shipment delivery. Admin can also add extra cover price for shipment.


  • Setting Product Attributes

    Admin will set the attributes which will be taken into consideration while getting rates for Australia Post Shipping methods. The final shipment dimensions will be counted by Best Fit Algorithm to get best possible rates.


  • Manage Countries Where Shipping is Available

    Admin can add specific countries to shipping list if shipping is available for specific countries. Or admin can enable it for all countries.


  • Set default Values for Dimension

    Admin can set default values for dimensions, if product dimensions are not defined these dimensions will be taken into account while fetching shipping rates.


  • Multiple Shipping Methods on Check out Page

    Customer will be provided with all the shipping methods which admin has enabled for delivery.


Thus, an improved online shopping activity is done from any nook and corner of the globe. Australia Post Shipping extension is well sleeved with various specifications, to add value to the online stores and offer an unmatched buying experience to the buyers.

#7238 Brush Your Ideas: Magento Product Designer Launched By Biztech

Posted by Aldora on 08 April 2016 - 07:48 AM

In the current e-commerce scenario, customer is god. Day-to-day customers’ needs are being changed and that is the sheer challenge for the store owners. With an advent of technologies and solutions, needs have been increasing too; at the same time, products are customized with every possible thing! Customers want personalization in every solution they get. From pen to purse, from T-shirt to Mug!



To accomplish the demands of product customization, Biztech Store has launched with a new product called Brush Your Ideas - Magento product designer extension. It is the perfect time saver and a creative guide that helps design products with diverse tools. So as to make users and admin understand, we have segmented its usages/features in two parts.

How Admin Can Use This Product?

  •     Customization for any Product: Store owner can use Brush Your Ideas extension to customize any product they want. From Jewels to clothes, from Card to Cup anything and everything is customizable with the product designer tool.


  •     Multiple Design Areas: Admin can set multiple design areas for any product to let own customers design it in own way. Admin can set design areas as per requirement without any hassles.


  •     Price as per customization: Admin can charge customer as per the customizations made in the product. Admin can set different prices for different type of customization and product customization prices will be set accordingly.


  •     Choose how much customization to offer: Brush Your Ideas is a module based HTML5 product customization tool. If admin don’t want to let customization of some kinds he / she can opt out of it.


  •     Quotes, Clip Arts & Masking Effects: Admin can decide what kind of quotes & clip arts a customer can use in customizing the product. Admin can also add masking effects from back end to let customers use masking effects for images.


  •     Templates: Admin can pre design templates for customers to choose from. This will allow customers to select predefined customization and use them as a reference for their own customization.

How Customers Or Users Can Use This Product?

  •     Customize any product with multiple design areas: Customer can opt for any product from the store and give it his / her own touch. Customers can also customize multiple parts of product as defined from admin in back end.


  •     Own Creative Design: Customers can pour their creativity in own products and make it as they want it to be. They don’t have to be dependent on other’s choices and can make product of their own choice.


  •     My Designs: Premium customers can save their art in my designs section. So when they visit again they can have option for choosing from their own previously created products.


  •     Quotes, Clip Arts, Templates & Masking Effects: Customers can use Quotes, Clip arts & masking effects to increase creativity. They can also opt for pr3e designed templates made by admin for reference.

Thus, using Brush Your Ideas, one can add a charming element to the product and have a personalized touch by expressing emotions on it through different creative things! It is the most amazing custom product design tool for Magento!

#7025 Have You Ever Used Delivery Date Scheduler For Your eCommerce Store?

Posted by Aldora on 29 March 2016 - 05:28 AM

Process of delivering products through e-commerce has evolved since the start of ecommerce, as conclusions from a new Retail Survey show, clients want more & more flexibility in ordered product delivery options, and retailers have to present this to boost conversions.




Insufficient Delivery Options = Dumped Purchases!

Let's face it, all the customers don’t have the time to hang around for delivery of their purchase, so need of the hour is to use Delivery Date Scheduler. Regular delivery will go well with few clients but most of them would not prefer to wait longer and will be willing to pay for preferred delivery schedule.

If your rival has next day delivery for the same item and you don't, your client may opt for that product.

A Brief On Our Delivery Date Scheduler Plugin

To match the ever evolving need of E-Commerce customers regarding delivery options, Biztech Store has come up with Magento Delivery Date Scheduler. Our plug-in will enhance your customer's’ shopping experience with various usages such as, customers can select day and time of delivery from range of given options. They can also create delivery messages. Get shipping details on checkout page. As well as there is a delivery option available to select, which is - “Timeslot view (with Price)” or “Calendar view”!

How An Admin Can Use This Plugin?

  •     Delivery dates can be disabled for specific days.
  •     Specification of step which contains details of shipping arrival date and time.
  •     Dashboard displays today’s orders.
  •     Notification for the admin of upcoming order deliveries.
  •     Export of date-wise orders in form of a graph or any other format for future reference.
  •     Admin can select number of delivery days available for Delivery.
  •     Admin has right to define different time slots available for product delivery.
  •     Delivery Date Calendar to help admin see orders date wise from the calendar.

To conclude, there is nothing superior than meeting demands of your store customers and exceed your competitors. With Delivery Date Scheduler, impart flexible delivery options to your customers. Nothing can make as interesting as this Plugin.

#6889 Delivery Date Scheduler: Manage Delivery Slots as per Your Convenience

Posted by Aldora on 14 March 2016 - 08:54 AM

Greatest gain of online shopping is that there is no limitation of time. Shoppers are now open to go shopping whenever they want irrespective of where they are situated. They are just a good internet connection away for shopping. Nevertheless, delivery of the ordered goods is always a headache for many customers around the globe. People are now very busy in a fast-paced world, and they are not always at the doorstep to receive product delivery. The best a retailer can help out modern customers with is to allow multiple delivery options.




Don’t want to provide delivery on Sundays or during Easter holidays? Same-day delivery is not available after 16:00? Want to generate money for next day delivery or holiday delivery? All these problems are faced in modern day E-Commerce System. Biztech store’s Magento Delivery Date Scheduler lets you avoid all these problems and can easily indicate any day unavailable for delivery – recurrent day of week, recurrent date, any certain period or one single day.


Key Features of Delivery Date Scheduler for Admin

  • Specific Dates Disabled: Delivery dates can be disabled for specific days when you don’t want to deliver on some days.
  • Admin Configuration Settings: Specify on which step or phase of shipping, arrival date and time should be displayed, whether it is on shipping method page or order review page.
  • Today’s Delivery Orders: On the dashboard a tab has the latest (today’s) delivery orders which can also be added by the admin for keep tracking of delivery orders.
  • Future Delivery Orders: It notifies the admin for upcoming order deliveries.
  • Export Orders: Admin can export the date-wise orders in form of a graph or in any other format for future reference.
  • Number of Delivery Days: You can select a number of delivery days available for Delivery.
  • Add Time Slot: You can add time in “Start Time” and “End Time” in the field “Add Time Slot” to state the various time slots that are available for order delivery to the customers.
  • Delivery Date Calendar: Will help admin to see orders date wise from the calendar.

Key Features of Delivery Date Scheduler for Front End Users

  • Adding Shipping Details: Users can write comments with date and time while placing order from your online shop.
  • Displays Shipping Details: Display Shipping Details like Shipping Date, Time & Comments on the checkout page.
  • Calendar View: Customer can view order dates on browsing his/her account.
  • Multiple Delivery Date: Customers can order different products on multiple addresses and on different dates.
  • Time Slot View: Customer can select from either “Timeslot view (with Price)” or “Calendar view” as configured from backend.


Offering power to your customers can boost your sale. Define from backend what you want to display to your customers and what not! Hence, there is nothing better than meeting this demand and surpass your competitors. So, you can allow your customers to choose Delivery Time Now with Our Delivery Date Scheduler!

#6500 Get Your Online Sale Doubled This Valentine

Posted by Aldora on 03 February 2016 - 09:19 AM

Alas! What can be the better way to kick start a flourishing February sale? February is a month of love, emotions and sentiments, where you see Valentine’s day celebrations, thoroughly enjoyed across the orb. It is a season to turn your sales around, it is the perfect time to offer great holiday offers, gift offers and beyond all to offer a memorable online shopping experience. Delivering various deals to the customers is the best way since people are vigorously looking to shop Valentines’ day gifts online. They spend most of the time in exploring eCommerce stores that offer discounts for dinner, gift articles and a lot more.



The season of love is round the corner and you can count on such paradigm shift that not only bring profits, but also reaches into the hearts of customers. During such festive seasons, customers look for the attractive sales which help them have a better shopping experience. Today’s market has been enormously growing with revolutionary products that help increase the sales of eCommerce stores. Having deployed prolific products to online stores can give customers a whole new shopping spree. Be it any industry, if you have eCommerce store integrated with advanced products, extensions or Plugins then, you are surely to reap business benefits!

For Valentine’s Day sale, couple of products found intriguing and beneficial to all sized eCommerce stores! So, let’s have a glance on them.

Bring Seasons At Best Festivity:
Festive seasons! Yes, such words bring smiles on our faces and when they are celebrated with much gusto and zest, they become more enjoyable. Then why don’t make it happening by availing Festive Season extension which is especially built for online stores! Create decorative effects without affecting the store speed. The visitors or customers are going to enjoy with alluring appearance of your store. An added decorative element can improve the seasonal revenue. Indeed, it is the perfect goodie for an upcoming festive, Valentine’s day!

Design Gifts Online Artistically:
An advanced product designer or online product design tool allows your customers to create designs on their own. Buy any product from an online store and design it the way you want! This is the main aim of this creative Magento extension. Also, customers or buyers can have customized solutions by adding their personal preferences. Gifts such as mugs, t-shirts, cards can be designed artistically within a few minutes and gifted to the loved ones on the special days. Thus, such tailor made offerings can be the primary source of increasing revenue and sales.

Effectively Schedule Delivery Date:
Do you want a multi featured personalized extension that sets the delivery date? Here is a great solution in the form of a Magento extension Delivery Date Scheduler. It allows your customer to decide the delivery date for specific orders. This way you can give power to your customers to boost online sale. Being a store owner, you can define the dates & time (which you want to display) from the backend and show them to your customers! Thus, it offers a transparent shopping experience to your visitors or buyers.

Introduce Exclusive Gift Promotions On Stores:
Are you planning to keep Valentine gift promotions this season? Here is an easy solution to implement it. Think it to have in the store or page cart! Yes, this helps attract your buyers in one go! This smart Magento extension Gift Promotions On Cart helps merchants to exhibit gifts and promotional offers on their e-stores. Thus, you can attract a wider range of visitors and captivate them to buy your products.

Integrating such extensions to your eCommerce or online stores can double their happiness, give a new look to online shopping and different options with ease! Above prolific Magento extensions perfectly fit exactly to the business owners’ economical, logistical, technical and financial requirements.

“The term “love” carries numerous emotions and there are endless ways to express it beautifully.”

Have a romantic and successful Valentine Season!

#3359 Magento Address Indicator Extension

Posted by Aldora on 04 July 2015 - 06:31 AM

Are you running an e-store having loads of products and a decent flow of sale and loyal customers? Probably you still need some more features and functionalities to add to your e-commerce site to offer improved buying experience to your customers. Integrating our ‘Address Indicator’ extension your customers will now be able to add their residential as well as commercial address while purchasing online.

This extension enables the buyer to add new residential or commercial address while checking out for billing and delivering of products.
Core Front End Features (For Customers)

  • Enables shoppers use residential or commercial addresses for single or multiple address checkouts.
  • It also allows the shoppers to select residential and commercial address types while adding new address to their profile.
  • This extension works for both commercial and residential addresses.

Core Back End Features (For Merchants)

  • This makes modifications to the ‘destination type’ of the order placed in the admin panel when any customer adds or updates new address type.
  • While creating new orders admin can manage residential or commercial addresses for the specific customers.
  • The admin can also change the destination type at their end.

How to Configure

  • It’s quite simple to configure this extension that includes following simple steps:
  • Go to System>Configuration> Biztech Extension> Address Indicator
  • Enabled – To activate this extension, select ‘yes’ for the ’enabled’ field.

This tool will not work on custom checkout extensions.

#3349 Magento Language Translator Extension

Posted by Aldora on 02 July 2015 - 06:25 AM

Running online stores? Are you able to approach global landscapes? Can you target multiple demographics? With single language probably not!

To approach multiple demographics you need to display your products in diverse languages! This can be done now using Language Translator extension.

Magento Language Translator extension is quite simple and easy to install and configure. Using this extension you can automatically translate the product attributes and Meta details of a specific page from one language to another.

It helps you manage your multi-lingual stores more efficiently. It is powered by Google API Key, which makes is imperative to purchase API keys to use this extension. It is a must have extension for store owner who runs an e-store supporting multiple languages.


Users’ Gain

  • Better Understanding of the Product

    Users/customers can have the understanding of the products and its benefits as it is displayed in their regional language warding off any language barrier!

  • Develops a Sense of Belongingness

    Product description in own language develops a sense of belongingness within the online customers which aids to the customer loyalty.

#3217 Great Ecommerce Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

Posted by Aldora on 11 June 2015 - 10:48 AM

Conversion is a term holding great significance for any business. In any Magento store, the whole process, right from the visitor entering the store till he checks out, is the actual process to get the conversions. How easy is the checkout process of your Magento store depends on the conversion rate your online store receives! Well, the store design also matters a lot. If your Magento store front is highly attractive then there are chances that your online store might receive more conversions.


Let us check some of the strategies that can bring whole lot of difference. There are certain guidelines that can help your Magento store to leverage the increasing number of customers. Give your customers the best shopping experience by practicing these guidelines mentioned in this post.

Strategies for Getting High Conversion Rate 

Recommend Upgraded Products

While your customers are about to reach the checkout process, offer them an opportunity to select from the related products they have opted to buy. It is possible that they might also like the other recommended products and they might either replace the product in the cart with any other better and upgraded product or they might buy more than one products also. It can give you an opportunity for up selling that will add new source of revenue to your business.

Have a Good Product Summary

Shoppers coming to your Magento store are expecting brief summary of the product and its capabilities. Customers rely on the eCommerce websites having a good and brief summary of the products. Placing a product video is also a very good way to attract customers towards your Magento store.

Simple Checkout Process

Make your checkout process so simple that your customers can checkout in few clicks. Fewer the clicks, larger the conversion rate would be. Another solution is using multiple pages you can simplify the entire checkout process by displaying its phases and it can also indicate till which stage the customer has reached. This method is effective if you want to make your checkout process simple and clean.

Allow Customers to Print or Email their Invoices

Once the checkout process is completed, you can provide an option to your customer to print the invoice of the purchase made. Offer this facility to your customers to either print or email the invoice to your email id to keep track of the purchases made. This method builds a trust factor among the buyers and sellers.

Recommend Related Products before Checkout

This is another excellent shopping cart practice, which can be used to get better conversion, particularly in the field of electronics, where shoppers want to be absolutely sure they have everything they need to get the most out of their purchase. No one wants to find out too late that the item didn’t come with an adapter (or that one was recommended in the first place). So you can recommend all the related product to make the best of the product purchased to your customers. This cross selling will help you improve your revenue by selling more products.

There are various other strategies that can bring your Magento store terrific success. The tricks mentioned here are the basic ones benefitting the online store owners to avail huge conversion rate and leverage success.

#3020 Magento Gift Product Design Tool

Posted by Aldora on 05 May 2015 - 08:44 AM

Waiting is No More A Compulsion


Give Fresh Lease of Life to your Online Gift Store


Adapting to the trendy practices is imperative behind the success of any business. It helps keeping your business trendy and competitive. The fastest gripping shopping trend is buying customized products, which has majorly been demanded by the millennial generation!


Given the shifting trend of customers’ shopping behavior, it’s time now to present before them what they want. There is no better way to boost the ROI and revenue streams of your online store for sure!




Exclusive Features of Gift Product Design Tool – USER


1. Upload Personal Image


Customers can also upload any personalized image apart from taking images from clipart and use it on the gift products and also add features like redo, undo, alignment etc.


2. Customers Can Customize Image


Customers can change gift product image (front or back side of the product) and product color.


3. Clipart/Text can be Added


Clipart will have number of categories with images and text functionality with several fonts for designing gift products.


4. Customers can Save Design


Customers can save their design in their account to use it later instead of ordering instantly.


5. Design Preview


After designing gift product, customers can preview the newly designed gift image.




Exclusive Features of Gift Product Design Tool – ADMIN


1. Price Customization


You can set prices for various types of designs like, clipart, text, and personally uploaded images by the customers and can also set price for fixed design area.


2. Handle Art Gallery


You can handle text style and clip art gallery and can add clipart categories and images.


3. Upload Different Font Styles


Upload different fonts that will be displayed in the frontend. Add Google fonts, select fonts while configuration, which will be displayed in frontend. Upload color swatch images in “color” attribute, which will be displayed in frontend.


4. Set Design Area


Set the area of design that your customers would work on for designing the gift product.


5. Upload Color Swatch Images


Admin can upload different color swatch images to define different colors.


Points to Note


  • Gift Product Design Tool works for easily configurable gift products only.

  • It works with default ‘Color’ attribute.

  • Design areas should be set for all type of gift products if it has been enabled for all gift products.

  • It does not work with Magento 1.4 and lower versions.

  • It does not work with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

  • It may not work property with custom theme, some customization will be required


#3012 Magento Card Design Tool

Posted by Aldora on 04 May 2015 - 09:22 AM

With Card Design Tool Trigger Your Card Business

Let your customers Design the Cards Before they actually Purchase

If you’re running an online store, it’s time to live with the trend! Keeping pace with popular trend is of the essence, given the changing shopping behavior of millennial generation!

Cards are the most popular and widely used piece of expression by all. Personalized designing can add new flavor of affection and emotion and there cannot be any better platform to exhibit one’s emotional quotient?


Exclusive Features of Card Design Tool – USER

1. Upload Personal Image

Customers can also upload any personalized image apart from taking images from clipart and use it on the cards and also add features like redo, undo, alignment etc.

2. Customers Can Customize Image

Customers can change card image (front or back side of the card) and card color.

3. Clipart/Text can be Added

Clipart will have number of categories with images and text functionality with several fonts for designing card.

4. Customers can Save Design

Customers can save their design in their account to use it later instead of ordering instantly.

5. Design Preview

After designing cards, customers can preview the newly designed card image.

Exclusive Features of Card Design Tool – ADMIN

1. Price Customization

You can set prices for various types of designs like, clipart, text, and personally uploaded images by the customers and can also set price for fixed design area.

2. Handle Art Gallery

You can handle text style and clip art gallery and can add clipart categories and images.

3. Upload Different Font Styles

Upload different fonts that will be displayed in the frontend. Add Google fonts, select fonts while configuration, which will be displayed in frontend. Upload color swatch images in “color” attribute, which will be displayed in frontend.

4. Set Design Area

Set the area of design that your customers would work on for designing the card.

5. Upload Color Swatch Images

Admin can upload different color swatch images to define different colors.

Points to Note

Card Design Extension works for easily configurable products only.
It works with default ‘Color’ attribute.
Design areas should be set for all type of cards if it has been enabled for all cards.
It does not work with Magento 1.4 and lower versions.
It does not work with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.
It may not work property with custom theme, some customization will be required.

#2889 Magento Order Delivery Date Pro

Posted by Aldora on 03 April 2015 - 09:54 AM

Order Delivery Date Pro, an improved version of Order Delivery Date extension, earlier launched by us is now available with new advanced features, making this tool more useful for you (merchants) and your online shoppers! You can delineate your e-store’s orders and shipping in more advanced and improved manner.


Order Delivery Date extension is equally beneficial and user-friendly just with more specific features to enjoy the functionalities. You can decide where/when to ask your customers to provide the date of delivery i.e. during “shipping method” or at “review page” while checking out. 

Core Features


  • Allows online shoppers to provide their desired delivery date of the order.
  • Customers can add comments while placing order using your e-store.
  • The customers can view their orders delivery dates in the calendar.
  • Customers can select multiple dates of delivery for multiple addresses. 
  • It bars the customers to select any previous delivery date.
  • Display option is available for shipping arrival date and comment.
  • The confirmation mail of order sent to customer will also have shipping arrival date and comments made by the customers.
  • You can choose the time format for selection of time of delivery by the customers in forefront and admin panel.
  • You can include calendar in the time format section for the customers to easily select the date from the calendar.
  • You can opt to disable multiple days apart from week off days to prohibit the customers from selecting those days as the date to get the delivery.
  • You can disable a series of days i.e. from period from-to so that customer cannot select those days as date of delivery.
  • You can disable off days (i.e. Saturday, Sunday etc.) to avoid it being selected by any customer.
  • You may decide in which page you want to get the information of shipping arrival date from your customers – ‘shipping method’ or ‘order review page’.
  • In ‘shipping method’ page’, the delivery date will be displayed in the right side progress bar.
  • You can decide the format of the shipping arrival date.
  • You can also add shipping arrival date and comment while placing order from backend.
  • You can also receive email notifications for upcoming delivery order dates. 
  • You can add tab, displaying current (today’s) delivery date orders, in the dashboard.
  • You can search orders by specific delivery dates.
  • You can also export the date-wise delivery of products in a graphical form in a separate file for future reference.

User's Gain


This tool will help merchants to offer added features to the customers! It will improve the customer loyalty and customer retention. Customer would be able to get their shipping in desired date and time, thus would enjoy improved shopping experience.


Mentioned below is the code you need to use for displaying shipping arrival date and comment while placing an order from admin panel. echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('deliverydate/deliverydate')->setTemplate('deliverydate/date.phtml')->toHtml();

The Magento Order Delivery Date Extension is compatible with various Magento versions and is 100% bug-free and optimized for best performance. For more queries & technical support, feel free to get in touch with our Magento Extension Development Experts.

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Posted by Aldora on 02 April 2015 - 09:37 AM

Now product designer is in just $299 instead of $399.  So let your customers design and personalize their own products i.e. T-shirts, show pieces, mugs, cap and lot more using this product designer extension.