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Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals: Whooping 20% Off on AppJetty Products!*

23 November 2017 - 08:14 AM

Looking forward to sour high with your business? Make the most out of Black Friday & Cyber Deals by AppJetty! We are here with some best deals on Odoo Themes, Magento Extensions, Sugar/Suite CRM plugins, WordPress Plugins and more...

All you need to do is apply the Coupon Code BLKCYBR20 at https://www.appjetty...ource=BLKCYBR20 while buying our products and get flat 20% off on your favourite products. Our products  are extremely easy to integrate and come with a user-friendly interface. So, what are you waiting for? Make your Black Friday and Cyber Monday memorable. Hurry!!!  Before the time runs out. Offer begins on 23rd Nov to 30th November 2017!

How to Boost Sales This Halloween for Your e-Store?

24 October 2017 - 08:24 AM

Ghost costumes, mermaid tails, spooky party invites, Star Wars themed outfits and Game of Thrones inspired decor! Come Halloween, and people flock on ecommerce stores with their demands of special gifts and attires needed to spice up their Halloween. They no longer visit the brick & mortar stores as there is less time on hands and they have to make preparations for the festival.


As an ecommerce store owner, you might be selling the above products anyway. But the question here is, do you offer your customers with an option to design on their own products and add a personal touch to their orders? If the answer to this question is “No”, there is some good news for you. This Halloween, your customers can create artifacts and attires on their own using a Product Designer Tool. And, by inculcating it, you can help them go beyond the mundane concepts and design something that stands out from the rest.


“So what is the product you’re talking about?” you may ask.

Dear spook-tacular spirits, we bring to you, Advance Product Designer, a Magento product designer for Magento Store owners. All you need to do is integrate this product designer tool to your store and your customers will be able to create spooky design inspirations. So what all can your customers do using our Online Product Designer Software?


Adding Creepiness with Colors


So, if your customers do some “witchful thinking” ;), they are sure to come up with different colour combinations to design their gifts. Blood red, iguana green and wild berry purple are some of the popularly used colours for creating Halloween themed goodies. Advance Product Designer comes with innovative color templates using which your customers can color their scary art which can be embossed on different gift items like mugs, caps and cards. They can also check out the same art in different colour combinations and have a preview of it. Once they finalize it, you can print and deliver it to them.


Making It Funny through ClipArt


Well, Halloween isn’t just about freaking your friends out. You could think of some ideas to make them laugh. Your customers sure would agree with this thought. Adding a splash of humor through funny clipart is very much in trend especially when it comes to creating customized outfits for this occasion.


Advance Product Designer comes with a huge clipart collection of more than 10000 items that can help your customers design anything they want on their Halloween themed attires. This also saves a lot of time and efforts of your customers spent behind finding clipart from the internet. Tees with clipart reflect the personality of the one who has designed them. And needless to say, your customers can flaunt it on All Hallows’ eve!

Playing with Imaginations


Provide them a canvas to express creativity! Let your customers draw graffiti on their costumes. And, what not!

This might sound a complex implementation with the time in hand. But people can be very creative with festive themes. As an ecommerce store owner, you can give them an opportunity to convert their scary stories into powerful illustrations printed on their favourite product. Once it is transformed to a visual treat, it is sure to make them happy and scare the hell out of people. Fluorescent skeletons, headless horseman, blood tricking monsters…all these can be imprinted on the product of their choice. After all, spreading the scare is what Halloween is all about!


Creating Spooky Inspirations from Television Series


As an ecommerce store owner, you are sure to receive demands of creating television series inspired Halloween goodies/attires. Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries are some of the most popularly loved themes by people.


Using AppJetty’s personalized products designer tool, children can create a costume like Jon Snow and adults can don the zombie avatar from Walking Dead. Not only that, they can also upload a picture of their favourite character from their device and emboss it on the product of their choice.



Crafting Personally Designed Treats


When mommy's little monsters come knocking to people’s door saying “Trick or Treat”, homeowners would want to give them some creative candies.Advanced Product Designer is a perfect tool for chocolatiers who give the provision of personalizing candy wrappers. It comes with amazing text-features like curved, shadows and text outlines using which customers can emboss names with ghoulishly delightful effects.


Carving Out Multiple Areas


Your customers might want to design ghosts, ghouls and goblins on both the sides of the t-shirt or carve intricate designs on all sides of the mug. Advance Product Designer turns that into an absolute possibility! It enables ecommerce store owners to add multiple design areas to a single product depending on their printing budget.


Thereafter, customers can combine different design areas and complete their designing task using creative graphics. Once you give this control to your customers, they are sure to come back to your ecommerce store not only for Halloween but for several other occasions. You sure do not like to limit your customers to designing just one side of the product. So give them all the freedom they want and let them unleash their creativity.


Advance Product Designer is considered to be one of the best web-to-print software solutions for Magento store owners as it supports multiple printing methods and is compatible with different formats including PNG, PDF, JPG and SVG.


The best part about it is that it’s completely customizable and can work according to your business requirements. As a part of additional features, you can offer your customers with an option of social media sharing, quote management, product image masking and PX (pixels) to CM (Centimeter) conversion.


Integrate Advance Product Designer to your ecommerce store this Halloween and endow your customers with an ability to innovate with the means of our user-friendly tool. If you want, AppJetty can also set up a complete web-to-print storefront for you. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to have a boo-ful night!

Flat 25% Discount on the Leading Mobile App for Magento 2 Admin Management

21 March 2017 - 12:30 PM

If you are a Magento 2 store owner or admin, managing your store is now even easier! With the leading mobile app - extension combo package from Biztech, you can manage your Magento 2 store backend anytime, anywhere with any android, iOS device (smartphone, tablets or smartwatches). And the best part? We are offering a flat 25% discount on both the premium versions. Just visit the product page https://store.biztec...gemob-admin.htm and apply the coupon code MMA25 during checkout!


But Hurry! This offer is only valid till 31st march, 2017!

Magento Language Translator: The Best Way to Translate Store Content

20 March 2017 - 11:37 AM

Sometimes, we tend to underestimate the power of vernacular language. We think that as far as the gist of what is being conveyed is understood, it doesn’t matter what language things are communicated in. However, this isn’t true. When things are communicated in our native language, there is a feeling of belongingness attached to it. And this is why the Magento ecommerce store owners of today prefer having multi-lingual stores. It helps the business owners to tap into the psyche of the customers and know more about their requirements.



Even though the content of most of the ecommerce stores is in English, not everyone finds it useful. If your brand is liked and appreciated by the speakers of other languages, they must have a way to understand your products. To overcome this problem, you have to come up with an efficient translation option to make your Magento store content comprehensible to users of other languages. You can achieve this by manually translating all your store content and feeding it in the system, using a browser translation option like Google Translate or automate this process with a certain degree of control using a suitable Magento Language Translation Extension that can save you valuable time and effort.


In this blog we have explained further why using a good translation extension can be better than other ways of doing it.


Controls in the hand of Admin

The manual translators available in the market have a mind of their own. Things can go out of your control as they start translating anything and everything that is fed in. Magento Translator extensions are smart as the admin can have a total control over what gets translated and what doesn’t. The user can also manage the language that the content needs to be translated to and from. One just needs to choose the categories, products and CMS pages that need to be translated and the extension will take care of the rest.


Limitless translations

The extensions do not limit you with the number of words when it comes to translation. You can translate ‘n’ number of words whenever you want. This is not the case with manual translators. They have a limit to the number of words that are being translated every minute or slot. Even if you hire an individual for a job like this, they might take their own time to translate things rightly for you. Hence, an automated extension is always a better choice.


Store review translations

Reviews stand of utmost importance when it comes to buying products of one choice. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if store reviews get translated in the language known to your customers? The answer, of course, is “Yes”. You can’t hire a professional or use manual translation tool every time there is a new review. The Magento Language Translation Extension can translate store reviews into any language. Also, the admin can select a specific store view and change the review language whenever he/she finds the need to do so.


Seamless translation of Product Details

WYSIWYG editor, which is a part of the extension, can help the users to translate the product name and its description easily. Admin can also translate tiny details like Meta keywords and descriptions. Manual translators might not equip you to do that.


If you want your products to be valued and sold across diverse geographies, it’s time that you invest into one of these extensions for your store. A multilingual store will give your business a competitive advantage amongst others. So what are you waiting for? Invest into one of these extensions now!

How to Manage Your Magento Store from Your Smartphone

08 March 2017 - 11:10 AM

There is no denying to the fact that mobile devices have become an imperative part of our lives. And when you are managing and running a company, it becomes all the more important to utilize every available resource or device optimally. You are technically handicapped if you are not aligning your work functions with your smartphone in this fast moving world. With new developments in the technology sector, every day a new update or product comes up which makes your work a lot easier and smarter. If you are an ecommerce owner, you know how that works already.



But did you ever give a thought about managing your ecommerce store from your mobile? Yes, it can happen now if you are running a Magento store. With MageMob Admin extension and magento mobile app package, you can manage all aspects of your magento backend (admin) easily from your smartphone. Alter data, improve them, and keep yourself updated about them, all with a few touches here and there on your mobile device!

Let’s have a look at how MageMob admin can help you manage your Magento store from your smart phone.


It can help you manage sales

Managing your store’s backend from your phone makes many of your tasks very easy. The most important part of your store, i.e. your store sales can now be managed on the fly using the features of this app. The customer order details are easy to access within the app which can be utilized to ship the orders quickly. Not only that, it also helps you in controlling invoices and shipments as an admin of the store. All in all, it not only helps you do better work but also increases customer satisfaction.


By keeping in touch with your customers

If you are using the app, a good chunk of the work gets done even when you are not around your workspace. Keep in constant touch with your customers instead of crowding your ‘to-do’ list. Using the app, you can contact your customers by calling or electronically mailing them. It also lets you add or edit customers to your store. So, no more delays in customer communications.


You can edit your store products

Now and then you are required to edit products offered at your online store. From not so often changes like name and descriptions to regular updates like selling status, availability, and price, you can now do it all from your mobile device using this app. By enabling you to do it on the go, it saves your customers from much inconvenience and helps you present a well-arranged and updated store to your customers 24*7.


Manage product reviews using the app

Product reviews are imperative for your store’s business. A review works just as personal recommendations do. By using the features of the app, you can manage product reviews directly from your phone. You can delete or approve customer reviews instantly, saving a good amount of your time.


It helps you manage your inventory

Using the app, you can keep a check on your inventory as well. It notifies you of low stocked products so that you can fill up your inventory on time. Even if you are out-of-stock, you can quickly change the status of your product(s) before any customer orders the product trusting the availability.


Provides you store reports in an instant

What else? Yes, it can do more as well. Apart from making your day to day activities easier and smarter, you can also get graphical charts related to different aspects of your business. For example, you can get country based sales chart, average item/order chart, most wish-listed products chart, and many more!

And it’s not just that. The app is full of other features like multiple store support, smart pagination & listing, filtering options, interactive dashboard, and other value added features. It makes the management of your store as easy as shopping from it. Moreover, you don’t have to stick to a particular device for it. The app works for both Android and iOS devices (even smart watches).


Check out the full potential of MageMob Admin now and stay connected to your Magento store, anytime, anywhere!