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#13225 [Free Module] Contact Form with Google Map Background

Posted by jason_hee on 14 December 2016 - 12:00 PM

Prestashop Custom Contact Form




This is a module that displays a Google Map background on your contact form page. This module is meant for Prestashop 1.6. 


Direct Download: Attached File  customcontact.zip   14.32KB   32 downloads

#12841 Accept Bitcoin payments with PrestaShop plugin [Free Module]

Posted by CoinGate on 15 November 2016 - 12:19 PM

CoinGate enables businesses to accept Bitcoin payments easily and safely, using an API, payment buttons, or plugins for various eCommerce platforms.
Our supported eCommerce platforms: PrestaShop, Magento 1 and 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, OsCommerce, ZenCart, WHMCS, and VirtueMart.

We charge only 1% from the amount transacted, and there are no monthly, registration or other fees.


You can receive payouts in EUR, USD or Bitcoin without additional charges.


If you choose to get paid in EUR or USD, you receive a fixed amount of money for your goods and services, yet you can still reap all the benefits of Bitcoin transactions.



Benefits of accepting Bitcoin:
No chargeback or fraud - When accepting Bitcoin payments via CoinGate, transactions are irreversible. This allows you to safely accept payments even from so-called “high risk” countries like Nigeria or Ukraine.
Customer privacy - to pay with Bitcoins, your customers do not have to disclose any personal information to you, unless you request it. This protects the privacy of your customers and makes identity theft impossible, because you don’t need to save and protect private information, such as credit card data, of your customers.
Additional client flow - there are several billion people in the world without a bank account or a credit card, but many of those people have internet access, which is all that is needed to be able to use Bitcoin. For those people Bitcoin if the only payment method available to buy goods and services from international merchants online.
* Please note, that due to regulatory reasons, businesses located or registered in the United States of America can not use our services. *

Download PrestaShop plugin:
How to install:
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or contact us on our website: https://coingate.com

#12874 Accetta pagamenti Bitcoin con PrestaShop plug-in [Modulo libero]

Posted by CoinGate on 15 November 2016 - 12:45 PM

CoinGate consente alle aziende di accettare pagamenti Bitcoin modo semplice e sicuro, utilizzando un'API, pulsanti di pagamento, o plugin per diverse piattaforme e-commerce.
Le nostre piattaforme eCommerce supportate: PrestaShop, Magento 1 e 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, osCommerce, Zencart, WHMCS, e VirtueMart.
Il costo è solo l'1% dal l'importo della transazione, e non ci sono mensili, registrazione o altre tasse.
È possibile ricevere i pagamenti in EUR, USD o Bitcoin senza costi aggiuntivi.
Se si sceglie di essere pagato in euro o in dollari, si riceve un importo fisso di denaro per i vostri beni e servizi, ma è ancora possibile trarre tutti i vantaggi di transazioni Bitcoin.

Vantaggi di accettare Bitcoin:
Nessun chargeback o frode - Quando ad accettare pagamenti tramite Bitcoin CoinGate, le transazioni sono irreversibili. Ciò permette di accettare pagamenti in modo sicuro anche da paesi cosiddetti "ad alto rischio" come la Nigeria o l'Ucraina.
Privacy dei vostri clienti - a pagare con Bitcoin, i clienti non hanno di rivelare qualsiasi informazione personale a voi, a meno che non lo si richiede. Questo protegge la privacy dei propri clienti e rende impossibile il furto di identità, perché non è necessario per salvare e proteggere le informazioni private, come i dati delle carte di credito, dei vostri clienti.
Ulteriori flusso di nuovi clienti - ci sono diversi miliardi di persone nel mondo senza un conto bancario o una carta di credito, ma molte di queste persone hanno accesso a internet, che è tutto ciò che è necessario per essere in grado di usare Bitcoin. Per quelle persone Bitcoin se l'unico metodo di pagamento è possibile acquistare beni e servizi da mercanti internazionali on-line.
* Si prega di notare, che a causa di ragioni normative, le aziende si trovano o registrati negli Stati Uniti d'America non possono utilizzare i nostri servizi. *
Scarica PrestaShop plugin:
Come installare:
Se avete domande, non esitate a chiedere qui o contattarci sul nostro sito web: https://coingate.com

#11970 Shopify to OpenCart: WHAT IS BETTER?

Posted by AnglePT on 15 October 2016 - 04:18 AM


Selecting the most suitable e-commerce platform for shaping, operating and maintaining an e-commerce website is critically important, as it can be the factor responsible success or failure of the website. Opencart is free, simple to setup and modify and if your willing to get your hands dirty can do just about anything you wish for. Shopify is an ecommerce platform which follows SAAS business model. This business model makes it easy for first time entrepreneurs to venture into ecommerce without spending much upfront. Online business can follow the detailed comparison between OpenCart and Shopify to choose the best solution for your site.



Advantages of Shopify
- Shopify currently is the leading online solution provider for e-commerce sites globally.
- Shopify provides a ready-to-use hosted solution.
- It has a theme store where well designed and responsive themes can be found.
- It is a SaaS based pay-as-you-go e-commerce website solution that allows you to setup online store within hours. 
- It has all of the basic features which any small business may need.


Disadvantage of Shopify
- There are too few free themes in the Shopify extension store.
- There is only one free text field per product, so adding separate tabs on a product page isn't possible. It to make it possible, great efforts have to be put in.
- By default, Shopify provides a basic search functionality that does very little to assist the user, again to overcome this issue, developer needs to put in extra attempt.



Advantages of OpenCart
- Many out of the box features are available for free.
- ability of working with multiple languages and currencies.
- Open Cart has a lot of plugins and extensions, which can provide with nearly any functionality you want. 
- It is free and open-source, so it easy to implement any desired custom feature.

Disadvantages of OpenCart
- Not very easy to customize, and might be constricting for some businesses.
- Caching is not provided by Open Cart, and must be added using an extension for improving performance.

If you want to choose OpenCart for online business, OpenCart migration tool is suggested for you to migrate data from old cart and start with OpenCart shopping cart. Shopify to OpenCart migration extension is a popular automated tool for e-merchants.

On the other hand, you feel Shopify is the best choice with your case about technical knowledge and cost. Let's check Shopify migration tool with OpenCart to Shopify migration extension of LitExtension.


#7523 [module] popup box notification prestashop 1.7 1.6 1.5 1.4 1.3

Posted by alkyro on 22 April 2016 - 11:11 AM

Good job for this module .


Posted by alexnguyen on 02 April 2016 - 04:57 AM

Magento has been a very powerful and fast growing e-Commerce since it was launched in 2007 by Varien. Nowadays, Magento is chosen as a major digital commerce platform by over 200,000 online retailers because of its modular architecture, complete scalability and a wide range of options. Howewer, like many other softwares, Magento always upgrade its present version to become more compatible with users. The question is "SHOULD WE UPGRADE MAGENTO?"

We all believe that the appearance of the latter is the innovation of the previous. Therefore in this article, we will show you 7 reasons why the answer is YES

1. Security Updates

The first reason why we should definitely upgrade Magento version as soon as possible is the security issues. The world of online security is progressing at light speed day by day. Even famous brands such as Adobe, Sony, Amazon and Wal-Mart were all hacked in 2014. Magento has stepped up its default security in the newest version to protect users’ privacy.

What Magento did to patch security gaps:

  • XSS vulnerability while creating configurable product variations was addressed.
  • Information about different orders was not displayed.
  • Changes to PayPal Express checkout.
  • An .swf file was removed from the Magento distribution.
  • File system was secured better.
  • The security of action URLs was enhanced.
  • Vulnerability during checkout was fixed
  • The randomness function was also more secured
2. Responsive Theme Updates

The default Magento theme in the 1.9 version is mobile-responsive which is the best solution for salesman because the site that they invest in is compatible with any device of customers. This means that a shopping cart was design to work on any screen size. With responsive design, it is much more easy for merchants to boost conversion, for mobile-using customers to place an order or checkout anywhere. Moreover, this brings SEO advantages as well. If merchants focus a bit more on the content, this has big implications for SEO also in order to engage customers and reduce bounce rates..

3. Functionality Bug Fixes

Magento has continously added new functionality and bug fixes which will make your website run more smoothly and efficiently. So why don’t you take these advantages?

Specifically, with platform bugs, Magento 1.9 gave fixes on web store and shopping cart, Promotional Price Rule, Administrative Ordering, Invoicing, Credit Memo, Import, Payment Method and many other fixes.

Read more:


#2875 Social login Pro

Posted by James on 27 March 2015 - 05:00 AM


Social Login Pro allow customers to use their social account to gain access to your site instantly, support most important social network. This extension is designed to simplify logins for users and helpful to those who hesitate to create accounts on your site.

  • Allows customer to log in using social accounts
  • Supported social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo
Customers can choose their own social accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Google to log in your store. This will help fasten the login process and makes it so easy. If customers haven't registered on the website yet, it will automatically register for their using the email of your social account.
Example of login by Facebook account, step 2 will happen one time only when Facebook app need you to grant necessary permission.
1. Integrated into Log In page
2. Automatically registers customer into website with their email
3. One button click is required for a client to log in at your web store
4. Social network apps fully configurable via module backend
  • Fully compatible with Magento 1.4 and upper
  • Extension is open source 100%
  • License is valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure, need just a few mins
  • User-friendly interface

#2620 [Theme] Flower Shop Template v3

Posted by bera_ramazan on 19 February 2015 - 12:35 PM

Flowers and purple and white theme for PrestaShop mainly sell gift sites. Transmission and order history based products by province





  • Product submission by province
  • History choice items ordered
  • One stunl structure
  • Mobile compatibility module
  • Top horizontal menu revised
Order Mail


Mobile View




DEMO: http://presta.gozdesm.com/demo17/


BUYNOW:  http://presta.gozdes...emplate-v3.html


#2306 [module] responsive modal popup 1.7 1.6 1.5 1.4 1.3

Posted by BobDev on 10 January 2015 - 02:47 PM



Nice Module!

#777 [FREE MODULE] Youtube Video

Posted by lookshoper on 03 September 2014 - 10:31 PM

Youtube Video for PrestaShop allows you to publish Youtube videos. Module - This code loads the IFrame Player API code synchronously




  • Set your module position: right column, left column.
  • Player should play second and then stop.
  • Edited width and height video block.
  • Set your module position: Tab Page or Tab Product page.
  • Configuration - Short name.
  • Tab animation left page.
  • HTML5 markup: scrubbed clean of bulk and infused with semantic power.
  • CSS3 galore: progressively enhanced styles reward modern browsers while staying lean.
  • Stylish and clean design.
  • Fully responsive 100%.
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.5.x and 1.6.x.
  • Compatiblility(IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).
  • Multi-language ready.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • User Guide Documentation.pdf, full documentation.
  • 24/7 Technical Support




Attached Files

#476 [Module] Prestashop Facebook Like Box Free 1.9.1

Posted by robertinosalemi on 13 June 2014 - 01:56 PM

Hi to all,
I'm using the module Prestashop Facebook Like Box Free 1.9.1.
It's very nice and direct to the scope.

I have a problem with my responsive template: I don't want a fixed width, but a width adjust to the width of my resolution.
So I set in the width record of module the value 100% or 'auto' but not works.

I try to force che with by CSS, but not works again.

Can I resolve it?


#477 [Module] Prestashop Facebook Like Box Free 1.9.1

Posted by robertinosalemi on 13 June 2014 - 02:43 PM

I have resolved:


<div id="widget_facebook_likebox">
<!-- IFRAME Facebook -->


#widget_facebook_likebox iframe {
    width: 100% !important;

#369 update from prestashop to

Posted by Tom Evans on 13 May 2014 - 06:12 AM

You can check out with the same thread here, contributed by one of the senior member of the C-H community!

#281 default customer group in prestashop 1.6

Posted by Tom Evans on 23 April 2014 - 10:08 AM

PrestaShop enables you to give your customers certain privileges, by assigning them to Groups. You can create as many customer groups as you needed, and assign a user to as many groups as you like. The "Customers" menu enables you to check on your customers' details, create groups to which you can apply discounts, view the current shop carts, handle customer service, etc.


This is all done from the "Groups" page, under the "Customers" menu.
By default, three special groups are available:

  •  Visitor. All persons without a customer account or unauthenticated.
  •  Guest. Customer who placed an order with the Guest Checkout – that option needs to be enabled.
  •  Customer. All persons who created an account on your shop, and are authenticated.

To create more groups, click the "Add New" button: you will get a creation form.


Discount (%). The discount that you set for members of this group applies to all products on your shop.
In that second case, the form will reload with two more options:

  • Category discount. Click on the "Add a category discount" to bring up a new window, which contains a list of all your categories. You can pick one, and apply a specific discount which will apply for that group of customers only, and to that category only.
  • Modules restrictions.  This section enables you to block members of this group to access and use some of your shop's modules. For instance, you might prefer some customers to not be able to see your top-sellers or to your specials. You can move modules from the left panel ("Authorized panel") to the right one ("Unauthorized panel") by either drag-and-dropping them with your mouse cursor, or by select many modules at a time and clicking on the "Unauthorize" button at the bottom.

You can add a customer to a group of your choice by editing a customer's details, from the list of customers (in the "Customers" page under the "Customers" menu), click on the Edit icon on the customer's line. Then, on the "Groups" table, select the group(s) to which you want your customer to belong.

#27 Limited tinyMCE rich text editor in prestashop 1.6

Posted by hrbj on 03 April 2014 - 11:36 PM

Limited tinymce editor options in prestashop 1.6 is a definitely not so good.

with this guide you can read how to extend it.

in addition - this modification will alow you to use scripts, and other forbidded things!



Posted Image



tutorial here:

tinyMCE full rich text editor in prestashop 1.6