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In Topic: customer account activate with email ?

15 February 2018 - 09:46 PM

Hello, thank you for your answer. 


i have one more question: how does it work with your Facebook login connect and Google login connect modules ?

I guess customers who use FB or Google to create an account don't have to confirm by e-mail link, is it correct ?

And what about the buttons "Login with FB (or Google)", can we place them anywhere we want in the shop ? (for example in the checkout process, when customer is asked to create an account)

In Topic: combinations pro on list of products

30 January 2018 - 06:14 AM

Thank you very much, it works perfectly, I did add some code to hide it for non-registered customers, it’s amazing.


1-     I have a question, what is the possibility to implement the same exact table in product.tpl, is there a hook code that we can use to implement this table in the product page as well as the product-list page, it is very interesting to add it as it’s a full module and much better than the varietion standard system for Prestashop with radio buttons.

2-     Your “Plus” and “Minus” buttons code is very complicated, I do not wish to mess up the code, would you please tell me what code should I add after on-click to do something like: onclick="noattr_ct_matrix_ ('up','_{$pla_upc}') (probably wrong code), I wish to make the plus/minus buttons to multiple the UPC field, for example if UPC is 40, one + click will make 40, the second click will make 80, third click 120 etc, we added the “full carton quantity” into UPC field to let customer buy full cartons only, we can’t sell 30 PCS while the box full quantity is 40, if a customer wants 6 cartons then they click + 6 times.